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Hair Transplant
Direct Hair Implantation

DHI is a painless procedure. No scars, No stitches and 100% natural results. Performed using patented tools.

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Hair Transplant
Cosmetic Hair Patch

Direct Hair Fusion (DHF) or Cosmetic Hair Patch is the most advanced non-clinical hair replacement procedure best suited for people with high-grade alopecia.

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Beard Transplant
beard Transplant

Beard transplant is the implanting of natural hair on the beard/moustache area. It is performed by using DHI technique.

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Why Choose DHI?

DHI is considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the strongest research advisory board, world-class facilities and US & EU patents. DHI is recognised by ISO, CQC, TUV – Austria, ACHS – Australia and World Health Academy.

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Totally Safe

Strict protocols are applied to all processes and at all levels to guarantee 100% safety

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Natural Result

Full control of the depth, the direction and the angle of placement ensures 100% natural result

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For extraction and placement, tiny disposable instruments are used with diameter of 1mm or less

Patented Instruments
Maximum Viability Guaranteed

Grafts viability rate is above 90%, while industry’s average is about 50%, as per independent studies

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Only by Doctors

The procedure from start to finish is performed by medical doctors, trained and certified by LHRTA

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Growth for Lifetime

Only healthy hair follicles, excluding hair in telogen phase, are chosen and implanted


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Hair Transplant in India

Hair loss is a systematic disorder and requires a systematic approach. The Hair Transplant in India from DHITM Direct Hair Implantation technique is a permanent solution, and systematic approach to solving baldness and hair fall-related issues, generally caused due to heredity, stress, severe illness, chemotherapy, hypothyroid, iron deficiency, or any other exterior reason.

DHI India is one of the most trusted and renowned names, a unique technique for hair transplants in India. The surgeons properly diagnose the area in the consultation, the problem leading to baldness and hair fall, and suggest an appropriate treatment plan to give you a natural, dense look. This hair loss treatment is safe, offers permanent results. With the DHITM Direct Hair Implantation technique, the follicles are extracted and implanted directly one by one.

This provides total control of the angle, direction, and depth of implantation, achieving much higher growth than FUE or FUT, and gives natural-looking results.

For maximum safety, Direct Hair Implantation is performed exclusively with single-use instruments by doctors, trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Training Academy.

Best Hair Transplant Doctors in India

DHI India has the best hair transplant doctors/surgeons in India, who are trained, certified, experienced, and give the best hair transplant results. With the help of the DHITM technique and the experience of the doctor helps to implant the hair in the right depth, direction, angle, and placement ensures 100% natural and satisfactory results for every hair transplant procedure.

DHI doctors are trained in DHI Total Care System and are certified by DHI International Hair Restoration Academy before starting their practice to give natural results. Additionally, DHI offers safe and hygienic facilities to meet global standards and use the single-use, patented, high-precision, specially designed instruments that enable them to make every patient satisfied. This makes us the best hair transplant doctors in India.

Hair Transplant for Men & Women

Hair Transplant for men is the permanent solution for male-pattern baldness- a genetic trait or hair loss due to illness, hormonal imbalance, stress, or lack of vitamins. In surgery, grafts from the back of the scalp are extracted and then transplanted on the bald area.

At DHI, Hair Transplant for men is only performed by highly skilled and DHI certified surgeons with total safety and advanced instruments to offer the maximum density and lifetime growth of transplanted hair. Also, tiny disposable instruments with a diameter of 1mm or less are used in the hair transplant procedure to make the entire procedure virtually painless and give 100% natural results, for hair transplants procedure, consult at DHI India.

Not just men, our hair transplant services are available for women as well.

The Success Rate of Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is considered successful only if the results look natural. For a natural result, 3 aspects of hair transplant are very important - Design, Direction, and Density.

DHI Surgeons follow patented and precise instruments and their skills to perform the procedure that ensures the high success rate of hair transplant. It enables our patients to notice natural results and get their confidence back. Contact now and Book a consultation at DHI clinics to discuss the procedure and hair transplant cost .