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How Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) Works

DHI hair evaluation test
Unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia (UDSA)

UDSA, is a combination of tests which includes Psychological Aspects, Dermatological Examination, Mathematical Aspects and the DHI Alopecia Test .

Dhi hair follicle extractor
Extraction Phase

Hair Follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area using Titanium coated single use tool with the diameter of 0.7mm or more.

dhi hair transplant implanter
Placement Phase

Hair follicles are implanted directly into the region suffering from hair loss using a patented tool with a perfect control on depth, angle & direction of hair. DHI’s Total Care System protocols ensures adequate density as per ADT (Average Density Target).

Patients Results

100% Natural & safe
dhi india hair transplant case
 dhi india female hair transplant case
dhi india hair transplant case
dhi india hair transplant case
dhi india beard transplant result
dhi india scar repair case

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