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Hair Transplant Cost in India

We are currently living in an era defined by fashion and style. How we dress and style our hair is essential to making a good impression. People go to any length to look their best. Nonetheless, what about people who lose hair at a very early stage of life? Yes, not every person is lucky to have fuller hair growth. Some people lose hair. Hair loss can occur for various reasons, ranging from an unhealthy lifestyle to chronic health conditions and genetic factors. Regardless of the cause, hair loss can lead to low self-esteem and self-confidence. But the good news is we have a solution – HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY!

The average hair transplant surgery cost in India may vary across different cities due to various factors, such as the level of baldness, technique used in hair transplant surgery, hair transplant surgeon experience and reputation, hair transplant clinics follow safety and hygiene protocols, and so on.

Popular Hair Transplant Options in India

There are three most popular hair transplant techniques and surgeries:

DHITM Technique led by DHI Total Care System

DHI Total Care System is launched, bringing together extensive research, advanced diagnosis, superior treatment, and the promise of lifetime support to our clients. There are four main steps of the DHI Total Care System.

  • The Psychological aspects of hair loss
  • The Mathematical aspects of hair loss
  • The Medical aspects of hair loss
  • The Artistic aspects of hair loss

The DHITM Total Care System leads the DHITM technique, an innovative and advanced technique for hair transplantation. It is the least invasive hair transplant method. This technique involves extracting individual hair follicles from the donor site and implanting them immediately in the balding and thinning region, known as the recipient site. The extraction process is carried out using a specialized device/instrument. Because the DHI implanter emphasizes the precise placement of follicles, considering factors such as the angle, depth, and direction of the grafts.

The meticulous attention to detail guarantees that the results appear entirely natural. The hair transplant procedure from DHI technique is the least invasive treatment option. This method does not involve any stitching; hence, scar-free. In addition, the procedure is pain-free as your surgeon will administer local anesthesia before beginning the procedure. DHI has the highest graft survival rate, which leads to the best outcome for individuals experiencing baldness.

Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE, is another hair transplant technique that helps individuals regain their hair. In this procedure, individual follicles are extracted using an extractor. The process is quite intricate and necessitates several hours to be fully completed. The procedure uses local anaesthesia to ensure the patients do not experience pain. Still, when a sharp blade makes implantation, slits, and then with the help of forceps, the hair is implanted. This surgery is considered best for individuals experiencing mild hair loss because there is no control over the angle, direction, and depth of the hair implanted. This is a minimally invasive hair transplant method as it only involves a small number of incisions and stitches on the scalp.

While this surgery can benefit individuals seeking to enhance their hair growth, it is essential to note that it has a lower graft survival rate. This implies that individuals who undergo FUE treatment may need to experience the treatment multiple times.

Follicle Unit Transplant (FUT)

The Follicular Unit Transplant, commonly called FUT, is a highly regarded hair transplant technique because it is the oldest hair transplant technique. This method entails the surgical extraction of a strip of scalp from the back of the head, known as the donor site. The extracted strip is then meticulously dissected into individual grafts. The grafts are subsequently implanted in the bald area, also known as the recipient site, to stimulate hair growth and restore it. Nowadays, the FUT technique is used in significantly fewer clinics across the globe because it incurs scars, and it is a painful technique followed by local anesthesia. This treatment is considered for people experiencing severe hair loss.

Note Hair transplant surgery cost should be your one-time investment, depending on the type of treatment and clinic you choose. Achieving successful hair transplant results is only possible when you select the appropriate treatment.

Cost of DHI Hair Transplant Surgery in India

Hair transplant costs in India vary significantly based on several factors, including the location where you are planning to get your hair transplant treatment and the type of treatment that you choose. The hair transplant cost in India can range anywhere from Rs. 95 to Rs. 150 per graft or hair, excluding taxes. Each hair graft contains one to three hair follicles. If the number of grafts is considered, the hair transplant surgery cost for 2000* hair or follicles or grafts in India can range anywhere from Rs. 1,80,000* to Rs. 2,00,000*. This is the cost that you will pay for your hair transplant surgery. This cost does not include the Goods and Services Tax (GST), medicines, and postoperative care fee.

You must pay separately for your medication, pre-operative test, and postoperative care. Additionally, please note that there will be a fee for your initial consultation. During this stage, your surgeon will comprehensively diagnose your condition to develop an appropriate treatment plan, which means how much hair you need to cover your bald and thinning region.

The hair transplant cost mostly depends on the bald area's requirements, the surgeon's experience, the technique used for hair transplant surgery, clinic hygiene, and safety protocols. Here is a Hair Transplant Surgery Cost Break-up

Items Average Price Range (INR)
Initial Consultation Fees 500 – 1000*
Hair Transplant Surgery 100,000* onwards

Result after a DHI procedure
Result after a DHI procedure can be seen in the above pictures

***The above cost is just an idea; the complete treatment plan will be created after the full diagnosis of the scalp by the DHI doctor. The hair transplant cost/price in India in various clinics also depends on the technique & instruments used in surgery, the clinic's reputation, the surgeon's experience, and the hair requirement to cover the bald area, safety, and hygiene protocols followed by the clinic. You can visit the DHI Clinics for hair loss diagnosis and get a customized treatment plan that suits your looks.

Factors that Affect Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in India

Hair transplantation is a type of cosmetic surgery. It should only be performed by highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeons under the utmost safety precautions. Regarding safety and health, avoiding seeking a facility offering the lowest hair transplant cost is essential, as it may put your health at risk or result in disappointment. This could include low-density hair, scars, or an unnatural hairline.

The following are the factors that affect hair transplant surgery costs in India:

  • Number of Grafts or Hair Required

    The cost is typically determined based on the number of hair or grafts required for implantation. Every individual possesses a unique quantity of hair follicles, each typically containing anywhere from one to four inches.

  • Level of Baldness

    The extent of hair loss can significantly affect the hair transplant cost for individuals. Hair loss is categorised into seven stages of baldness, beginning with mild hair loss to extreme hair loss. Initially, hair loss can be controlled using medication; however, after level 2, individuals should consider seeking expert advice. As the extent of hair loss increases, more hair follicles need transplanted, resulting in a higher cost.

  • Hair Transplant Techniques

    There are several hair transplant methods. The type of hair transplant you choose can significantly impact your overall cost. The best hair transplant technology is DHITM Direct Hair Implantation, led by the DHITM Total Care System, as it offers the best outcome at the most affordable prices. This method involves four aspects: the Psychological, Mathematical, Medical, and Artistic aspects of hair loss and the hair transplant technique extraction of individual hair follicles and then implantation of them directly in the recipient area, which leads to a higher graft survival rate, i.e., above 97% as compared to industry standard 50%.

  • Expertise of Your Surgeon

    The success of a hair transplant surgery depends on the expertise and experience of the hair transplant surgeon. A reputable hair transplant clinic always employs highly qualified hair transplant surgeons who undergo intense training at the London Institute of Hair Transplantation.

  • Staff Members

    The success of a hair transplant relies on efficient collaboration. Having a skilled nursing staff is equally essential in addition to having qualified surgeons. The nursing staff plays a vital role in hair transplant treatment. Experienced hair transplant nursing staff ensure each graft is carefully secured to prevent damage.

  • The Surgeon's Experience

    The cost of hair transplant surgery can vary depending on the surgeon's experience, reputation, and individual pricing. A surgeon with extensive experience and a well-known reputation typically charges higher fees than a surgeon without expertise. As a result, this increases the overall cost of the surgery.

  • Location of the Clinic

    Which city you get your hair transplant treatment also affects the hair transplant cost in India. Hair transplantation costs vary across different cities due to taxes, the high standard of living, and so on. All these factors contribute to the overall cost of the procedure.

Why Choose DHI for Hair Transplant Surgery

Selecting the best hair transplant facility is of utmost importance. DHI Hair Transplant Clinic is a well-established and highly regarded hair transplant facility in India. It is one of the world's largest chains of hair transplant clinics. Here is what distinguishes DHI:

  • Safety & Hygiene:

    We prioritize our patients' safety. DHI India only uses sterilized surgical equipment and supplies necessary personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Comprehensive Support

    Every step of the way, from admission to discharge to postoperative care, you'll have a personal nurse or other carer to help you.

  • Best Outcome

    At DHI, we offer the most advanced hair transplant treatment , the DHI Total Care System. The DHI Total Care System is the most cutting-edge method of hair transplantation currently available. This treatment has the highest graft survival rate, resulting in fuller and more natural-looking hair growth./p>

  • Postoperative Care

    Every patient receives proper postoperative care. At DHI, we offer complimentary follow-up consultations and instructions, including dietary recommendations and exercises designed according to the patient's needs./p>

Donor area after Strip surgery
Donor area after Strip surgery
Donor area after FUE surgery
Donor area after FUE surgery
Results after Strip Surgery
Results after Strip Surgery
Result after FUE surgery
Result after FUE surgery

So what’s the next step for you?

A simple consultation could change your life. In a consultation with DHI India you will receive a medical hair loss diagnosis with a DHI India hair restoration expert. Find out what is possible for you with India’s best hair transplant procedure.

Medical consultation is important for a thorough diagnosis of your condition. We believe in prioritising our clients and giving them the best service possible. By booking a consultation with our in-house experts, it would allow us to gauge the pattern of your hair fall problems and provide you with a viable solution.

Without proper diagnosis, the quality of the treatment will be rendered ineffectual.

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