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How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost?

The cost of a complicated cosmetic procedure can be really high. In many cases, hair transplantation might be too expensive for the general public.

Fortunately, modern methods and techniques like Direct Hair Implantation have made hair restoration an accessible procedure for the masses by massively reducing the length and the complexities associated with the treatment.

So, is there any firm verdict on how much hair transplantation would cost in your particular country?

Generally, the most important factor when evaluating your hair transplant options is the cost of hair transplantation, with little attention given to outcome. However, in reality, when performed professionally, a good hair transplant has a positive, permanent life changing result, which is priceless. When Clinics take short cuts and the results are poor, the patient’s confidence and mental health are negatively impacted, making even the cheapest of surgery seem expensive.

With so many techniques available in the market, it is obvious that the patients might get confused where they should go. Every clinic and doctor claim to perform the best hair transplant, leaving patients very confused. This result leads to many people choosing cheapest clinics, where to save money; the clinics are compromising the safety of the patients, using untrained staff, re-used non-sterile surgical equipment and perform in 3rd world standard clinics. These cost saving techniques lead to substandard results, extensive scaring, unnatural placement and growth of hairs of even worse, severe medical complications.

It is important to note that each patient scalp and hair-loss is unique and the “Cost” is so much more than just a number. The true cost of hair transplant is principally determined on many factors; who performs your surgery, the artistic skill and experience of the surgeon, how strict are the safety and hygiene protocols, number of hair needed and if specialised instruments are used during the procedure.

Hair Transplant Cost in India

For years, hair transplant has been an inaccessible and expensive treatment for Indians. The expert clinicians and hair restoration specialists used to charge a lot for a single session, given the complicated nature of the procedure.

Fortunately, those days are long gone. Newer techniques and solutions have been developed to treat hair loss and hair fall problems. Hair transplant treatments, therefore, have become quite affordable for the masses because of these new methods of treatment.

However, the cost of hair transplant in India may depend on various factors. The number of grafts that you require, the technique that you opt for, the experience and qualification of the surgeon, the location of the clinic, and the level of post-operative care – all of these metrics define the final price of the procedure.

There are many solutions available to treat hair loss; however, none of them is credible. Nothing can grow back follicles once lost, except for a credible process of hair transplant performed by a properly trained doctor under strict medical protocols. Untrained practitioners of hair transplant clinics pose a great risk to the safety of patients.

“Safety isn't expensive, it's priceless”.

Hair transplantation Cost in India is an important factor to consider when selecting the clinic to get the procedure done. However, if you don’t get desired results, choosing a hair transplant clinic that costs less is not worth it.

Additionally, some clinics cut on the hair transplant cost and take shortcuts, leading to poor results, putting patients’ lives in danger because they don’t follow safety and hygiene protocols that negatively impact the patient’s confidence and mental health, making the cheapest surgery feel expensive. So, with hair transplantation cost, always consider other factors like surgeon’s experience, clinic’s reviews, single-use surgical instruments/equipment, number of hair transplanted, and hygiene/safety protocols.

DHI surgeons have in-depth knowledge and adept skills to perform hair transplant procedures precisely and professionally. At DHI, the safety of patients and the quality of treatments are of utmost importance. DHI follows strict safety protocols which are accredited by UK CQC and ISO. These stringent standards are followed at every DHI clinics for every single treatment. In India, DHI clinics have performed several thousand procedures and their patients include who’s who of the film industry, sportsmen, political figures, and business tycoons. DHI maintains the full client confidentiality of each patient.

The hair transplant cost at DHI India is calculated depending on the medical diagnosis DSA and the number of hair required, which diminishes the fear of getting undesirable results and creates transparency.

The question, therefore, that needs to be asked is – should the temptation of a cheap treatment outweigh all other considerations? In the opinion of trained surgeons, absolutely not.

While the hair transplant cost is an important factor, it should not be the only one. When you are dealing with complicated cosmetic procedures, you should place your faith in an experienced specialist who will minimise the risk of postoperative issues and problems.

And while they may charge a little higher than individual clinics, it’s better to spend some extra money than have your treatment conducted by a lab technician who may or may not provide you with the desired results.

Cost of a DHI Hair Transplant in India

DHI sets the gold standard for safety, quality, experience, technology, survivability, density and natural results plus much more. At DHI, a hair transplant procedure cost is calculated through a medical diagnosis, determining exactly the number of hairs it will take to provide your perfect result. Making this as unique as you and your hair loss.  

“Cost is relative to result, a product or service cost is quickly forgotten when the outcome exceeds expectation.”

These DHI India hair transplant patients trusted us to deliver a natural result that were life changing. However, these patients were once in the same place as you are right

Result after a DHI procedure
Result after a DHI procedure can be seen in the above pictures

The next thing they both did, cost them next to nothing and it change their life. They attended a DHI hair loss consultation (alopecia test, dermatological evaluation & lifetime treatment plan) with a DHI India, hair specialist, to find out what could be possible for them.

Many of our patients ask for cost of a hair transplant over phone or online. As mentioned above, numbers of hair, the time it will take to perform the session, the density etc. make it virtually impossible to give an accurate estimate.

We encourage you to meet our hair restoration experts at A DHI clinic near you, for a comprehensive hair and scalp examination and diagnosis, and the doctor will be able to inform you of the exact cost and when you can finally have your life changing result.

Your DHI Treatment Cost are based on the Following:

  1. Number of hair to cover the bald areas
  2. Hair loss condition
  3. Safety, hygiene, texture and other characteristics of donor hair

The DHI hair transplant session usually lasts a few hours only. However, in some more advanced cases, more sessions are required to achieve the desired results.

All of these factors are immensely important in determining the overall cost of the surgical procedure. The number of grafts you require to cover the bald patches or fix the receding hairline, for example, will dictate the expenses incurred by the clinic and your final bill.

At Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), we offer you the best possible treatment at the most affordable prices. Our competitive pricing, however, does not interfere with our professionalism and commitment to safety.

Our state-of-the-art hair restoration techniques allow our experts to minimize post-operative complications and accelerate the recovery process.

Overall, the cost of the treatment is directly proportional to the quality of the services awarded to our clients. With a customer satisfaction rating of around 99%, the implications are quite clear – we offer competitive pricing while providing the best possible course of action for different clients.

To know the accurate DHI hair transplant cost in India, we advise you to visit one of our clinics in 13 locations (Delhi | Gurgaon | Kolkata | Bangalore | Chandigarh | Chennai | Jaipur | Kochi or Cochin | Calicut or Kozhikode | Hyderabad | Guwahati | Coimbatore) or call us to speak to our hair specialist at 1800-103-9300

DHI’s Easy Financing Schemes for Hair Transplantation Treatment

Hair restoration treatments at DHI have become even more convenient and affordable with the availability of a various financing options. We offer 0% interest on EMI schemes.

If you are interested in our easy financing schemes, fill in the online application on our website for a consultation and know more about it in detail. You can also request a call back.

Many people think that DHI hair transplant is too expensive to consider. With this misconception, they lend their place their trust in cheaper uncertified clinics. Before you decide to do anything like this, you must evaluate long-term effects of cheap hair transplant option.

37% of our patients are repair cases, that were poorly executed by cheaper hair transplant clinics.

Donor area after Strip surgery
Donor area after Strip surgery
Donor area after FUE surgery
Donor area after FUE surgery
Results after Strip Surgery
Results after Strip Surgery
Result after FUE surgery
Result after FUE surgery

These cheaper procedures give unnatural results and leave lifetime scars. The performing person is generally uncertified and if there is a doctor in the clinic, their role is limited. The instruments used at these clinics are mostly reusable low-quality Chinese instruments—thus putting the safety of patients at risk. Additionally, the survival rate of the hairs implanted is less than 50%, compared to more than 90% survival offered by DHI.

There are 7 mandatory questions one should ask to the clinic before deciding on a hair transplant procedure.

  1. Who will perform the procedure? Will a doctor perform the procedure or an assistant?
  2. Is the Doctor suitably trained and certified?
  3. What is the experience of the clinic/doctor you are going to?
  4. Is the clinic technically sound with proper protocols on instrument usage?
  5. What kind of Diagnostic system does the clinic have?
  6. Compare their results with others.
  7. How would you choose a hair transplant clinic?

At DHI, we invest in the following:

  1. Restoring Hair Since 1970!
  2. DHI No Touch Direct TechniqueTM
  3. DHI Total Care SystemTM
  4. DHI’s Objectives
    • Safety
    • Guaranteed Natural Results
    • Maximum Density
  5. 100% procedure performed by Master Surgeons, extensively trained at DHI International Academy
  6. Strict quality control system, accredited by international authorities like the UK CQC and international system organization (ISO)
  7. Each procedure performed with high precision, titanium coated single use, patented instruments
  8. Several academic awards and recognitions

Certificates & Awards

So what’s the next step for you?

A simple consultation could change your life. In a consultation with DHI India you will receive a medical hair loss diagnosis with a DHI India hair restoration expert. Find out what is possible for you with India’s best hair transplant procedure.

Medical consultation is important for a thorough diagnosis of your condition. We believe in prioritising our clients and giving them the best service possible. By booking a consultation with our in-house experts, it would allow us to gauge the pattern of your hair fall problems and provide you with a viable solution.

Without proper diagnosis, the quality of the treatment will be rendered ineffectual.

Please click the link below to know more about respective clinic cost:

Why Opt for DHITM - Direct Hair Implantation Technique for Hair Transplant and Restoration Treatment?

FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction DHI - Direct Hair Implantation FUT - Follicular Unit Transplantation
Virtually painless procedure Virtually painless procedure Painful procedure
Slits are made Follicles Implanted Directly Cuts are made
No control over angle, depth & direction – an unnatural result Complete control of angle, depth & direction - 100 % natural result No control over angle, depth & direction – an unnatural result
No written protocol followed Global Protocol followed No written protocol followed
Scars are left on the scalp No Scars Leaves a prominent scar
Low hair survival 90 % + hair survival rate Very low hair survival
Recovery: 2-3 days Recovery: 1 day Recovery: 2 weeks
Performed by multiple technicians results in high hair handling & follicle damage DHI 'Direct Hair Implantation' is a patented technique performed only by DHI Academy trained and certified Doctors Performed by multiple technicians results in high hair handling & follicle damage

The 10 questions you MUST ASK before undertaking hair transplantation

1. Is it safe?


Only DHI guarantee:

  • Medical doctors undertake all procedures.
  • All doctors are specifically trained and certified at the London Hair Restoration Academy.
  • The patented implantation punches and needles are used once for each procedure and then destroyed.

2. Is it effective?


Only DHI guarantee:

  • Maximum viability.
  • The survival rate of hair is the highest on the hair restoration market - it is above 90% versus the industry average of 50%.
  • The implanted hairs continue to grow throughout your lifetime; they are yours forever.
  • Complete results take 9-12 months, but growth becomes visible during the first 2-4 months.

3. Do the results look natural?


Only DHI guarantee:

  • Full control of the depth and angle of every implanted hair, achieving a look that is totally convincing.
  • Distribution and density of placement is designed to maximize a natural impression.

4. Is the technology the best available?


DHI is the most advanced transplant technique:

  • Direct hair implantation was pioneered by DHI and it is offered exclusively by DHI.
  • We transfer hair from `donor` areas, usually at the back of the head, to `recipient` areas of hair loss.
  • Follicles are harvested and implanted using our patented methodology.
  • FUE and FUT methods require incisions. They have been long since outdated by this, DHI technique is less invasive and more effective technique.
  • Tirelessly, we continue to improve our technology and stay one step ahead of the competition

5. Are the procedures regulated and quality assured?


Only DHI is regulated and quality assured:

  • To guarantee 100% safety we were first to establish Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at all our clinics - we are still unique in this respect.
  • They are taught at The London Hai Restoration Academy to our Master Surgeons and medical staff.
  • All of our DHI clinics complies with protocols

6. Is it painful?


  • The procedure is minimally invasive; using tiny disposable instruments, with a diameter of 1mm or less.
  • The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. Fully conscious, the patient can enjoy `downtime`, with music or television, or simply take a nap.

7. Is it disruptive?


  • In many cases, patients can return to work the next day.
  • A full head shave is often not necessary.
  • Post procedure there is no requirement for long-term medication.

8. Will I get a proper diagnosis?


DHI has created a unique diagnostic system:

  • Successful treatment is built on proper diagnosis. DHI has created the Diagnostic System for Alopecia.
  • UDSA- Unique diagnostic alopecia test.
  • A dermatological examination that identifies the alopecia type and any prevailing conditions that treatment will have to take into account.
  • An alopecia test assesses the magnitude of the problem and the amount of hair available for lifetime exportation.
  • DNA analysis informs the prognosis.
  • Stress analysis is undertaken to determine suitable therapy.

9. Can I get help with prevention as well as restoration?


Only DHI helps with prevention too:

Whilst DHI can correct hair loss `after the event` with restoration, we can also help with prevention:

  • As part of our diagnostic process each patient undergoes a psychological evaluation so that, if deemed necessary, anxiety and depression can be addressed with appropriate support with a system in place, as per CQC guidelines.
  • We can stimulate and regenerate your hair with Platelet Rich Plasma treatment (PRP) Highly regenerative plasma is extracted from a small sample of your blood and injected to strengthen follicles and stimulate your scalp.
  • We have developed the most comprehensive range of daily care products ranging from shampoo and conditioner to lotion, to strengthen hair and stimulate growth

10. Is the technology backed by world-class scientific research?


Only DHI has academic recognition and cooperation:

  • The highest possible standards in safety, education and regulation are fundamental to our business.
  • We underpin all three by working closely with world-renowned scientific academics at Public Universities Professors in faculties of dermatology, biology and psychology at campuses from Athens to Miami are on our team to help make our service the safest and best.
  • Their knowledge and help set DHI apart, in restoration, diagnosis and prevention.

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