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Hair Transplant in Hyderabad — DHI Clinic

  • DHI’s Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad is situated in Oliva Hair Transplantation & Surgery centre which is located in the prime locations of Jubilee Hills. The clinic is a 47-minute drive from Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.
  • DHI’s hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad provides a wide range of hair loss treatments including Direct Hair Implantation (DHI),Scalp Micro-pigmentation, Eyebrows Restoration, Beard Hair Restoration, and Direct Hair Fusion
  • DHI Hyderabad provides gold standard services in hair transplant with the help of a strong research advisory board and world-class facilities.
  • The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the latest technologies and infrastructure and is completely customer-friendly. All the procedures are carried out after a detailed diagnosis of the scalp condition of the patient
  • DHI is the only hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad where hair transplant procedures are performed by highly-trained and certified doctors’ end-to-end and not by nurses or assistants
  • Like all other DHI clinics, hair transplant in Hyderabad is also done using the DHI technique. DHI is a non-invasive, painless technique with no stitches, no cuts and no scars. This technique is performed using a patented implanter in a single one-step process which ensures correct angle, direction and depth at the same time, without prior creation of holes or slits
  • By adhering to strict protocols, DHI provides 100% natural results to its Patients. DHI provides a guarantee on graft survival ratio of 90% implanted hairs
  • Cost of the hair transplant in Hyderabad can vary according to different grades of baldness but DHI is the most cost-friendly clinic as the graft survival ratio is the highest.
  • 37% of our patients are the repair cases which were spoiled by other hair transplant procedures and clinics
  • Ranked No. 1 on Customer Satisfaction by IMRB, DHI is the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad and gives city’s best hair restoration services
  • To book an appointment for a consultation at DHI Hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad, give us a call now!

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Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad
Hair Transplant in Hyderabad
Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad
Best Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Hair Transplant in Hyderabad — DHI Clinic

  • Hair transplant is a sophisticated surgical approach that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called a "donor site" that is mostly from the back of the head and planting those follicles to the bald or balding part of the body called a "recipient site."
  • DHI is one such leading hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad. DHI has been in this hair restoration since 1970. Also, it has the most advanced and modern techniques for hair transplantation and restoration.

How would you choose the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad?

Factors to keep in mind while choosing a Hair Transplant Clinic in Hyderabad:

  1. You must ensure first that who is going to perform the hair transplant procedure in Hyderabad.
  2. From where the doctor was trained or skilled in this specialization for transplantation.
  3. Does the hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad follow safety protocols, and are they on display as clinics.
  4. What instruments they are using for hair transplant in Hyderabad, and is there any evidence of instruments being destroyed after every session of the hair transplant procedure.
  5. Does the hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad have credible results of its own, and can you speak to at least ten patients about their experience with this clinic?
  6. Lastly, of course, price is a crucial factor, but it cannot override compromising safety and natural results.

Does using blow dryers increase hair loss?

Heat application causes breaking of hair due to dehydration, which often leads to hair loss. It is better to avoid such methods where heat is involved.

Does wearing a helmet or cap lead to hair loss?

Keeping your hair covered for longer duration by cap or helmet can lead to the accumulation of sweat and oil, which hampers scalp hygiene, leading to hair fall. So, it is recommended to remove the helmet cap timely to allow fresh air to dry the scalp, and after that, you may wear it again.

Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

A hair transplant is a finest and permanent solution for hair loss. And, DHI clinics are the largest and the fastest-growing clinics in the world which provide hair transplant surgery.

Most of the people are tired of temporary solutions, and they keep seeking for something which happens to be a permanent solution for hair loss. They must know that the best hair transplant in Hyderabad is the only permanent solution to hair loss for male/female pattern baldness. So, any patient who is suffering from hair loss should go for a hair transplant in Hyderabad.

One of the reasons why hair transplant in Hyderabad can be said as a permanent cure to baldness is because, in hair, transplant hair is extracted from the backside of the scalp, all these hair are immune to hormone DHT, which is a significant cause of hair loss. Hence the transplanted hair does not fall easily and grow for a lifetime. At DHI, the graft survival rate is more than 90%, which makes DHI one of the best clinics for hair transplant in Hyderabad.

More than 250 thousand patients took the best hair transplants in Hyderabad sessions at DHI clinics with complete perfection and expertise. DHI's patients include ordinary people, celebrities, and well-renowned business leaders. And those visiting the DHI clinic will get guaranteed natural and permanent results.

You are required to take a lot of care and precautions to get the desired result. Few of the pre and post precautions one should keep in mind are mentioned below:


• Choose the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad. The clinic should have a good reputation. Don't decide based on the low price of hair transplantations.
• Choose a competent and experienced hair transplant doctor, who will perform your hair transplant procedure. Do proper research on a doctor's education, experience, reputation, results, and reviews of old patients, etc.
• Choose an advanced hair transplant technique . It is highly recommended to stay away from ancient hair transplant techniques, which can have a severe impact on human life. Also, stay away from gimmicks from some clinics which claim to do hair transplants using seemingly differentiated techniques, which may sound similar to DHI, such as DHT, etc.
• You are required to follow the medical test protocols to ensure your safety during the procedure, which many hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad are unaware of.


• After your hair transplant surgery, make sure you follow all the recommendations given to you by your hair transplant doctor.
• Make sure you don't smoke or consume alcohol for a week or ten days.
• Avoid direct sun exposure, exercises, and swimming for 3-4 weeks.
• After 3 to 4 months of hair transplant in Hyderabad, you will find a change in hair growth. Make sure that you are in touch with your doctor always and keep visiting the clinic once or twice every two months.
• Do not come in direct contact with air, ride bikes wearing a helmet, etc.

What is the Estimated Hair Transplant Cost in Hyderabad?

To a great extent, the hair transplant cost in Hyderabad is the most significant factor while choosing your hair transplant clinic.
Due to a lack of information, you end up choosing the cheapest hair transplant clinic. It is because complete results of hair transplant in Hyderabad can take 9-12 months to come and straightway the only thing that we can compare, and that actually matters is the price.
And while choosing the cheapest hair transplant clinic, you end up compromising the result of hair transplant and, more importantly, even your own safety! When performed by the most expert and experienced hair transplant surgeon, a great hair transplant in Hyderabad has a positive and extraordinary outcome, which is priceless. When cheap Clinics take alternate routes, and the consequences are unfortunate, the patient's emotional well-being is adversely affected, and resulting even the least costly medical process becomes very expensive.

There are many hair transplant clinics offering hair transplant cost in Hyderabad at a price that is as cheap as peanuts, while some are as expensive as a fortune. One must understand that not all affordable hair transplant services offered by clinics are excellent, and those with a bit pricey are not necessarily bad. Most of the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad will cost you a bit more for several reasons:
• Invested in the latest and advanced mode of technologies to ensure the best and natural results.
• Invested in modern facilities that follow international safety protocols.
• Invested in patented and single-use titanium-coated instruments.
• Invested in best MD surgeons who are experienced and masters of the art of hair transplant, those master surgeons undergo lots of training before doing any hair transplant in Hyderabad.
• They even invested in the best range of products that help in hair growth.

On the other hand, most of the cheap hair transplant clinics that offer cut-price deals can do so because they don't invest in anything, whether it is doctor, technology, modern facilities, thus, risking the life and health of patients.
• They don't have the advanced technologies to ensure desired outcomes and natural hairline.
• No modern and safe facilities.
• They have reusable instruments that can pass on infection from one patient to another.
• Most of the surgeons doing hair transplants in Hyderabad in these cheap clinics are not certified.
• They have low-quality products.
• They don't have the concept and invest time in post-operative monitoring of hair growth.
• There is no proper consultation done to understand the root cause of the problem.
• The same procedure is there for all.

So, one shouldn't irrationally judge clinics for hair transplants in Hyderabad in terms of expenses. Instead, one should do a thorough research online, speak up with other patients, take feedback, focus on the services and certification of the brand.
Among them, DHI India comes out clean and undoubtedly the best clinics for hair transplantations in Hyderabad.

Hair transplant cost in Hyderabad depends on the following factors:

• The number of hair follicles required to give you natural results.
• The area of the scalp that needs to be covered after the procedure.
• Several sessions are needed to be done to cover the scalp. More is the number of sessions done; more will be hair transplant cost in Hyderabad.
• Hair and skin conditions: Condition of hair and skin matter a lot.
• The expertise of a surgeon doing a hair transplant in Hyderabad.
• Any irregularities in the shape of the scalp.
The hair follicles or grafts required for the best hair transplant in Hyderabad depend on the extent of your hair loss.

So, if you are suffering from hair loss problems and seeking the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad, you must know what actually must be the selection criteria.

Do proper research and choose the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad that gives you quality service at a reasonable price.

FAQs related to Hair Transplant in Hyderabad

Like DHI, famous for the best hair transplant in Hyderabad, using advanced and the most excellent techniques, hair transplants are safe and risk-free, with minimalistic procedures which can be finished in a few hours, giving a lifetime of permanent and natural results.

You must be assured first that these procedures are led by trained and skilled expert hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad. Also, they must be following strict protocols like pre-screening, medical tests, and all, to make sure whether the patient is fit to undertake the process of transplantation or not. As not every patient is eligible to undertake a hair transplant!

Today, Homeopathic doctors, Dentists, Ayurvedic doctors & even gynecologists are performing hair transplantation and restoration without taking proper training or specialization in this field.

At DHI, the best hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad, all hair transplantation processes are performed end-to-end by Dermatologists (MCI Registered), highly trained hair transplants surgeons in Hyderabad. So, it is advised to avoid cheap unprofessional if you are seeking the best hair transplant in Hyderabad and opt for the skilled and specialized hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad.

Hair Transplantation isn't indoctrinated in any medical college world-wide! Doctors are required to have masters in this skill by pursuing it from other doctors on the job. Without adequate training, assessment, or certification, it may lead to compromising on safety.

Preferably at DHI, a hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad, each doctor is extensively trained on DHI Total Care System and certified by DHI International Hair Restoration Academy.

Results can be measured by taking precise hair counts through computerized alopecia tests. And this test, most of the clinics do not undertake, while most even don't know about it.

Research shows that, on average, only 1 out of 2 implanted follicles grow at clinics without valid results. DHI has a verified graft survival rate of more than 90. Also, one-third of DHI patients come for fixing their failed transplantation conditions by undertaking hair transplant in Hyderabad by other clinics

There are different types of alopecia & one could be suffering from any of them. A correct treatment of alopecia requires a proper diagnosis, to begin with. Unfortunately, most clinics do hair transplants in Hyderabad without an appropriate diagnosis. DHI's Diagnostic System for Alopecia (DSA) follows a dermatological examination, psychological aspects, precise mathematical count of donor and recipient area, and computerized alopecia test. This results in a comprehensive lifetime treatment plan and best results for the hair loss problem.

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