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Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the major concerns of women. Hair loss is linked to various physiological and psychological conditions. It can be a worrying and a scary experience and may occur in women at any age.

DHI has developed the most advanced technique to tackle with Female Hair Loss. With the help of a professional team and research, DHI has been successful in availing unique, unparalleled and comprehensive range of hair restoration techniques.

DHI has introduced the Total Care System which guarantees the the best treatment and quality of our service wherever and whenever performed.

What brings about Female Hair Loss?

Female pattern alopecia is one of the common reasons which leads to hair loss in women. Female alopecia is caused due to reduction in the presence of female estrogen.

One of the major causes of hair loss is physical stress, such as surgeries, anemia, menopause and childbirth. Even emotional stress caused due to work pressure, anxiety and bereavement leads to hair loss.

One must take care of their hair when selecting a particular diet or medication since they have major role to play.

The Effects

Overall density of your hair can diminish, and they may tend to shed more than the usual. The hair fibers get thinner and weak, and the scalp roots get delicate.

The Pathway to Brighter Future

The DHI techniquehas been introduced by DHIwhich helps in tackling the consequences of female hair loss and other hair problems which occur due to various factors. Whether they are nutritional topics, laser therapy, direct hair implantation or temporary cover-up application, DHI is a pathway to the brighter future when it is about Women's Hair loss.

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