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A hair transplant helps move hair from one area to the other area on your head that may be balding. It is done by extracting hair from thicker parts of the scalp or the other parts of the body and grafting it to the other section through surgery. According to the reports, worldwide, about 70 percent of men and 50 percent of women experience hair fall. To address the underlying issue, hair transplant or hair restoration is yet another technique that has been helpful.

So, if you’re planning to get your hair transplant done, DHI hair transplant technique is a non-invasive procedure that delivers the best outcomes without any cuts, scars, stitches, or pain. It is one of the best hair transplant techniques in India offering 100% natural results with a 90% graft survival rate for maximum hair density. DHI medical group is the only medical group dedicated to only Hair Restoration for 5 decades. The most advanced Direct Hair Transplantation Technique guarantees 100% natural results each time.

Why Hair Transplant is Gaining Popularity

Many factors contribute to hair loss in men and women, including medical conditions, stress, unhealthy eating, and a sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes hair loss is temporary and can be corrected by addressing the underlying cause. However, in certain cases, you may need a more specific treatment like a hair transplant treatment.

Given the aesthetic need of the concern, hair transplants have become quite a popular option these days. Many actors, sportspeople, common people and business leaders opt for this procedure to enhance their appearance and look. During the procedure, a surgeon may extract hair from the areas of the body that contain healthy hair and implanted to the bald area on the scalp. Once the transplanted skin heals, it gradually continues to grow hair.

Importance of medical tourism for hair transplant procedures

The cost of hair transplants is reasonably high in Western nations. With India becoming the top-notch choice for hair transplant tourism, the price is comparatively reasonable. Indian surgeons are highly skilled and competitive, backed by the WHO and US FDA. While the nation follows UV standard protocols, the difference in the surgery cost in the USA, UK, UAE is high compare with the India, this makes the India nation the best choice for medical tourism for hair transplant procedures. As per the 2020 estimates, as many as 86,644 foreign tourists arrived in India to seek some sort of medical care in the country.

Where is DHI Technique available worldwide?

DHI technique is exclusively available at DHI clinics worldwide. Check DHI In for details.

DHI Group’s flagship locations in India include Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Calicut. These locations provide the most exclusive DHI treatment with most experienced hair transplant surgeons.



~ 2000 Hair

US$ 2,500

(Including 18% GST)

4 Hours Procedure


~ 3500 Hair

US$ 4,000

(Including 18% GST)

5 Hours Procedure


~ 5000 Hair

US$ 5,000

(Including 18% GST)

6 Hours Procedure


~ 6500 Hair & more

US$ 7,000 & more

(Including 18% GST)

2 Days Procedure

All packages include the following:

  • Every procedure performed with the most advanced DHI Technique

  • End-to-end procedure performed by a highly experienced master surgeon (not by a team of technicians unlike other clinics)

  • 1 Growth Concentrate Therapy -GFC worth US$ 200

  • Post-Operative Kit- (Shampoo, DHT Blocker, Supplement, Neck Pillow & Spray Bottle)

  • Airport pickup and drop

  • Hotel booking assistance at corporate rates

  • Post-operative care- Head-wash, Bandage removal & regular follow-ups

Why choose DHI India for hair transplant?

DHI India has the world’s best hair transplant surgeons. All of them perform Direct Hair Implantation - DHI using the same finest instruments that DHI is known for worldwide. In India, each surgeon has executed more than thousand procedures with amazing results. At DHI, we guarantee over 90% graft survival ratio for dense hair and natural results.

All the surgeons, whether in Australia or the Americas are trained thoroughly by the master surgeons in India. When you do a hair transplant with DHI India, you benefit from a procedure with the masters of this field and not the technician. Our skilled surgeons in India are used to implanting 1,000 up to 12,000 follicles in a matter of a few hours only, and that too without using any machines for extraction or slits for implantation. This is unlike the clinics worldwide, where the maximum that a doctor can do in a day is only 2500-3,000 grafts.

DHI India has won several awards for outstanding standards of operation, some of these awards are “The Brand of the Year 2018” under the Hair Restoration category by ‘The CEO Magazine’, CMO Asia and Asia Africa GCC Retail Congress have chosen DHI International as ‘The Hair Restoration and Transplant Company of the year 2018’ and AsiaOne Magazine has chosen DHI International as one of ‘India’s Greatest Brands for 2018-2019’. Celebrities, film stars, politicians, common man, businessmen, all who can afford to do procedures anywhere in the world, choose to do it with DHI right here in India. The hair transplant cost in Delhi , Bangalore or any DHI clinic in India is highly affordable, so the treatment is accessible to everyone.

All the DHI clinics worldwide follow strict CQC Safety Norms, as approved by the U.K. Care Quality Commission. DHI India has further enhanced the safety and hygiene protocols. Indian surgeons/doctor and nursing staff are far among the most compassionate medical professionals in the world. Righteously, we are among the top 10 hair transplant clinics In India known for high-precision surgery at an affordable price.

We have over 300,000 satisfied patients, including actors, sportsmen, celebrities, common people, and business leaders.

What is the cost of hair transplant in DHI India?

The growing industry of Hair Transplant Medical Tourism in India has seized the attention of patients across the globe. DHI hair transplant clinics is referred to as the best destination for hair transplants in India due to the surprisingly lower cost as compared to counterparts in other countries who may be offering similar services. There are no hidden costs. There is no cost of medicines, OT room, or anything else. You pay only one price with full transparency according to the per hair, hair transplant cost. The hair transplant cost in Chandigarh is more or less the same as the hair transplant cost in Hyderabad.

How to plan your hair transplant with DHI India?

Before Arrival

The beginning of a treatment is an in-depth diagnosis. At DHI, we do a unique alopecia test (UDSA) to determine the best hair loss treatment solution for you. The process starts by planning a consultation with the hair specialist on a video call. A preliminary evaluation is performed based on scalp pictures taken at specific angles. These pictures provide an initial view of how many hair follicles are required in the transplantation site and whether the donor area is adequate to meet this requirement. Post you book your appointment with any of DHI hair transplant clinics, we will share the pre-operative instructions and a sample blood test that is required. You can get it done from your nearest diagnostic center.

We also provide you with suitable hotel options and other logistics. We also happy to assist you actively in your travel. You will be required to make a partial deposit online to be able to block the date of the surgeon and procedure room.

before medical tourism

One week's leave from work is usually recommended so that you can give sufficient care to your newly implanted hair. It is better to reach India at least 1-2 days before the hair transplant procedure so that you can get settled and have sufficient rest before the procedure.

Disclaimer: Please share the blood test reports with us before committing to the journey. And carry your ID, visa, and all relevant medical records. You must also carry a couple of button-up shirts as it is advisable not to pull any clothes over your head after the completion of the operation.

After Arrival

You are required to visit the clinic a day before the procedure for final Alopecia Diagnosis and agreement on a treatment plan. DHI hair transplant tretament is a non-invasive procedure that delivers the best outcomes without any cuts, scars, stitches, or pain. The DHI Total Care Consultant discusses the complete treatment plan, detailed pre-operative instructions, and blood test results. You are also required to make full payment before the start of the procedure.

after hair transplant

Day of the Procedure

On the day of the procedure, your doctor/surgeon will administer local anaesthesia for the surgery. The entire procedure is pain-free. You don’t even feel the pinch of the syringe when it is administered. Before your surgery, your doctor will do routine check ups such as BP measurement and will ask you for Preoperative medications and vitals. Just before the procedure starts, he will draw a new hairline to ensure aesthetics. The entire procedure will last 4-6 hours with a short lunch break depend on your hair follicles requirements. Light lunch is provided by us. Preoperative medications and vitals like BP measurement and pulse rate are checked before hair trimming. At DHI you can choose hair haven or unshaven.

After the extraction, we organize the extracted follicles and arrange them in FIFO arrangement properly and show them to you for count in tray. You can precisely count the number of follicles as transparency. Single-use instruments are destroyed in front of you, ensuring compliance with hygiene and safety standards. Once the surgery is done, your surgeon will brief you on the post-operative instructions, prescribes medication and a customised 30 days post-operative care plan. A discharge letter and 100ml spray bottle (safe for carry on) is provided. A letter to your doctor or another DHI clinic for follow-up is also provided, upon request.

get medical tourism at DHI

After Procedure

The next day after the procedure, you are requested to visit the clinic for bandage removal and head wash. Here are general instructions for the patient to follow:

  • For the first 3 days, you should spritz saline water on the implanted hair every 15 minutes. It protects the hair follicles or grafts until they have their own blood supply and accelerates scabs removal.
  • Normal shampooing of your scalp commences on Day 3, but keep direct shower jet pressure off the implanted hairs for two weeks. Scabs of the newly implanted hairs will start to loosen by Day 5 and mostly be cleared by Days 7 to 9. If possible, patients can visit the clinic for 4-5 days post-transplant for regular head wash to get scab removal.
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  • Since you will be given anaesthesia, patients should not drive a motor vehicle for 2 days, and we prefer you rest instead.
  • Avoid smoking (including exposure to secondhand smoke), drinking alcohol or heavy exercise for two weeks.
  • Avoid exposure to the sun and water/air borne pollutants to your head for 30 days.
  • Avoid swimming for 30 days, especially in pools and spas.
  • Follow-up consultations at regular intervals are must at a DHI clinic to discuss follicles growth and progress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I consider travelling to India for a hair transplant procedure?

    India is rapidly growing as medical tourism for hair transplantation or restorative process. India has the best skilled surgeons across the globe, backed by WHO and US FDA. So if you are seeking reasonably priced alternatives, India has the best options for a top-notch hair transplant treatment. Indian hair transplant treatments are exceptional and meet high international standards.

  • What are the different types of hair transplant procedures offered by DHI India?

    Direct Hair Implantation India offers you the safest and best- DHI is Direct Hair Implantation. It gives you exceptionally natural-looking results, with no holes, and no forceps. Grafts' survival rate is above 90%.

  • How long does the hair transplant procedure typically take?

    The hair transplantation procedure usually takes around 4 to 6 hours.

  • Can I combine my hair transplant procedure with a vacation or leisure activities?

    Hair transplantation requires a patient to be administered anesthesia that will have its effects for 1-2 days. So we generally recommend patients to be on rest for at least 1-2 days after the procedure.

  • Will I receive any aftercare instructions or support following the procedure?

    Yes, at DHI you’re required to have follow-up consultations at regular intervals, either virtually or personally at a DHI clinic to discuss hair follicle growth and progress.

  • Can I undergo a hair transplant if I have a limited donor area?

    Yes you may have a hair transplant even with a limited donor area. However, at DHI we do a detailed preliminary examination of the donor area to look for hair’s density. If it is comparatively low or the graft’s quality is low, the hair transplant cannot be performed.

  • What sets DHI India apart from other hair transplant clinics and destinations?

    DHI has been a global pioneer in hair restoration since 1970. It is the world's largest chain of hair restoration clinics with 75 clinics in 45 countries including 16 clinics in India. The procedure from start to finish is performed by medical doctors, trained and certified by LHRTA. We offer 100% natural results with more than 90% graft visibility rate. DHI is recognized by ISO, CQC, TUV – Austria, ACHS – Australia and the World Health Academy