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Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Lucknow

One of India's fastest-growing cities – Lucknow, is a new host for DHI's hair transplant clinic. DHI's Hair Transplant Clinic in Lucknow is situated in the heart of the town and is located at 2/10 Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar Lucknow 226010. We facilitate a wide range of hair loss treatments, which include Beard Hair Restoration, Eyebrows Restoration, Direct Hair Implantation, as well as Direct Hair Fusion. Together with a robust research advisory board and world-class facilities, DHI Lucknow facilitates Gold Standard services in Hair Transplant in Lucknow. Besides being completely customer friendly, our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, infrastructure, and the latest technologies. Only after a detailed diagnosis of the scalp condition of the patient, we carry out the required procedures. It is only in DHI, that the Best Hair Transplant in Lucknow is carried out by highly trained and certified Hair Transplant surgeons in Lucknow end to end and not by any nurses or assistants. By making use of the DHI technique, the transplantation of hair in Lucknow is carried out, just like all other DHI clinics. It’s a non-invasive and painless technique, which assures no stitches, no cuts as well as no scars. In a single one-step process, this technique is carried out using a single implanter, which ensures correct angle, depth and direction at the same time, without any development of holes or slits.

DHI ensures 100% natural results for all its patients by strictly following strict protocols. An assurance of graft survival ratio of 90% implanted hairs is certified by DHI.

According to the different grades of baldness, the cost of Hair Transplant in Lucknow, varies significantly. But, owing to the highest graft survival ratio of DHI, they are the most cost friendly clinic. 37% of our patients are repair cases whose hair has been spoilt by other clinics and transplant procedures. We have the No 1 ranking on Customer Satisfaction by IMRB. DHI is the best Hair Transplant Clinic in Lucknow, and here you can get the city’s best hair restoration services. You simply need to book an appointment for consulting at our DHI Hair Transplant Clinic. Give us a call today!!

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Why Has Hair Transplant in Lucknow Become so Popular nowadays?

Hair Follicles are symbols of sensuality or fertility whereas a head full of hairs is a symbol of admiration. The first frightening symptom of aging is hair loss. With most people focusing on youthfulness nowadays, this is definitely a sign of embarrassment and of course, an exasperating physical change. With many recent advancements in the medical field, like hair transplantation, the older methods, like wearing wigs, or hair restoration medications have lost their popularity.

Hair Transplant in Lucknow is a one-time lifelong surgical treatment, in which the surgeons implant the hair follicles extracted from the donor’s area into the patient’s bald area. Being one of the most excellent ways to restore your lost hair, this option has become very popular nowadays. Once you opt for our treatment, you get a head full of hair, giving yourself a younger and more attractive look.

best hair transplant clinic in Lucknow

There are mainly two methods that are employed for Hair Transplant Surgery, which include FUE and FUT. If you are a victim of a poor scalp, pattern baldness, thinning hair, weak donor area, and burn or scalp injury, you should definitely opt for a Hair Transplant in Lucknow from DHI, and thus boost your self-confidence together with an improved appearance.

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best hair transplant in Lucknow
best hair transplant in Lucknow
best hair transplant in Lucknow
best hair transplant in Lucknow

Hair Transplant In Lucknow - Direct Hair Implantation Technique

After serving the hair restoration industry for more than 5 decades, we have created our Direct Method of Transplantation technique. It has an impressive graft survival rate of more than 90%, making us the best hair transplant clinic in Lucknow. Considering the advancement of this procedure, only the best and most qualified hair surgeons authorized by DHI work on it to ensure precision. This technique delivers natural-looking results that become impossible to identify if a patient has gone for a hair transplant or not.

The process may take up to 5-7 hours to complete, depending on the bald spot to be covered. The procedure starts with shaving your head. After that, the surgeon will give you local anesthesia so you don’t feel the pain. Using titanium-coated instruments and single-use devices, the surgeon will carefully extract hair from the donor area and implant them onto the bald spot. The treatment is minimally invasive and does not leave any scars, unlike the FUT procedure. Also, the equipment used in the DHI technique ensures high precision and great results that last long.

DHI is an advanced procedure that adheres to international quality standards. It is less painful than traditional hair loss treatment available in Lucknow. You can expect great results from the treatment since our surgeons are certified by London Hair Restoration Academy – adding another layer of trust and reassurance to the process. In most cases, there’s no downtime with DHI procedure. The client can go home and resume their everyday routine right after the treatment is complete. As far as results go, you will start to notice new hair growth in a few months.


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Hair Loss Treatments In Lucknow

    Let’s look at various types of hair transplant procedures available today.

    DHI Hair Transplant in Lucknow

    DHI procedures have revolutionized the hair transplant industry. This advanced method involves the use of state-of-the-art tools that require minimal human intervention, which leads to precise and successful outcomes. With DHI, you can enjoy benefits like minimal scarring, fast recovery, and cost-saving. On average, DHI procedures ensure a 95% success rate for individuals in the early or mid stages of hair loss. DHI India is one of the trusted hair transplant clinics in Lucknow and other major cities across the country, providing consultation and comprehensive hair transplant treatments for people of all ages.

    FUT Hair Transplant in Lucknow

    Follicular Unit Transplantation is a minimally invasive hair transplant procedure that offers natural-looking results. The recovery time is generally 15 to 30 days, and the newly implanted follicles begin to grow in a couple of months. In this process, the surgeon extracts follicles from the back or side of the head where hair density is good. These follicles are then meticulously implanted in the bald area. To avoid pain sensations, the scalp is numbed using local anesthesia. The donor area is then sutured to make the scar less conspicuous.

    FUE Hair Transplant in Lucknow

    In this treatment, optimal grafts are extracted from the donor area and implanted onto the bald region without removing the skin, which makes this procedure relatively less invasive. The benefits of this hair transplant treatment include minimal downtime, no scarring, and faster recovery. The procedure is performed by a certified surgeon using an advanced micromotor drill punch.

    Since each hair follicle is removed individually, there are no visible signs of extraction in the donor area. FUE is carried out over multiple sessions of two to four hours, and the patient can go home after each session.

    Repair Bad Hair Transplant in Lucknow

    To reduce the hair transplant cost in Lucknow, most people opt for cheaper alternatives, which generally result in major side effects and poor outcomes. Our experienced surgeon offers a corrective treatment for poorly performed hair transplant procedures. If you are not satisfied with your previous hair transplant, DHI’s restoration procedures can help.

    PRP Therapy:

    Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a minimally invasive therapy that stimulates natural hair growth and maintains the desired hair density. In this process, blood is drawn from the body and placed inside the centrifuge to separate it into three layers: platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma and red blood cells. The platelet-rich plasma is then extracted and injected into the scalp. This is the best hair transplant in Lucknow price-wise; plus, the downtime is minimal.

Lucknow hair transplant clinic

Cost of Hair Transplant in Lucknow

Being a permanent solution, Hair Transplantation can be a bit costly. But, however, depending upon certain factors, like the location, method opted, skill, and experience of the surgeon and others, the cost might vary from one person to another. Thus, when you choose DHI, for Hair Transplant in Lucknow, there is no need to spend money on regular or follow up visits, owing to the fact that it’s a one-time procedure.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Lucknow at DHI Clinic

Hair loss is a sensitive matter for most people, and a hair transplant is generally their last resort. That said, the responsibility lies with the surgeon to ensure the treatment delivers desired results. When it comes to something as crucial as a hair transplant, it is important to do your due diligence and only consult with a reliable surgeon who knows what they are doing. Plus, if anything goes wrong during the treatment due to the negligence of the surgeon, the corrective treatment can cost a lot of money, time, and mental peace. For that reason alone, we employ the best surgeons certified by London Hair Restoration Academy. We may not be offering the cheapest hair transplant treatments, but we assure you that our treatments meet international standards, and we take every safety measure possible to give you desired outcomes without pain or scarring.

At DHI Clinic, all hair transplant procedures are performed by our well-qualified surgeons who possess years of experience and hundreds of successful hair transplant surgeries under their belt. They use cutting-edge tools and techniques developed by some of the leading manufacturers in the world. The hair transplant procedure is equal parts art and science. It requires hands-on prowess to extract and implant hair follicles while taking into account technical factors like depth, angle and direction. Thanks to this approach, our surgeons can ensure a 90% survival rate of implanted hair follicles. Our surgeons are happy to walk you through the process and provide a no-obligation consultation to help you understand your options and know what to expect from the treatment. If you are looking for a permanent hair restoration treatment that is minimally invasive and reasonably priced, then DHI is the best option for you

Why Is DHI Lucknow the Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

Constant hair problems have become a hard-hitting reality for many people today. No matter how much you try to find a solution for your hairfall, there seems to be no way out. But no more! With a hair transplant, you can overcome these never-ending hair problems forever. Like you, many people with hair loss have completely transformed their life with this advanced medical hair restoration procedure.

However, It’s a complex medical procedure that demands precision at every step. You can achieve successful results only when you choose a quality hair transplant clinic. Compromising the quality of the treatment will not help you achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, a well-established clinic plays a massive role in ensuring the quality of hair transplant treatment.

DHI is a well-known name in the hair restoration industry that has solved the hair concerns of countless hair loss patients worldwide. It offers top-class facilities, infrastructure, techniques, industry expertise, and quality in its hair transplant. If you are tired of your hair problems, look no further than DHI Lucknow hair transplant clinic!

Here’s why DHI is the best hair transplant clinic in Lucknow:

  • Our hair transplant procedures are backed by modern scientific research
  • DHI is a widely acclaimed hair transplant technique that offers long-lasting results without invasive surgeries.
  • Our treatment ensures 90% survival rate of the implanted hair, which is the highest in the industry.
  • Our treatments are compliant with global standards set by ISO and UK CQC.
  • At DHI, we have a hair transplant treatment for every baldness pattern.
  • Our treatments are clinically proven and equally effective for men and women
  • Our surgeon will create a customized hair transplant treatment based on your scalp’s condition and hair loss pattern.
  • DHI ensures 100% success rate, thanks to our highly experienced and certified surgeons.
  • Our minimally invasive procedures guarantee natural results because we use your own hair for implantation.
  • We take pride in our technologically advanced facility that is not only laced with cutting-edge equipment but also features creature comforts to make you feel right at home.

Hair Transplant is really a great procedure which can reap several benefits. Not only many people are enjoying the benefits of Hair Transplant in Lucknow, but also there are a lot of positive aspects associated with this treatment. Thus, if you are looking to get permanent and natural looking hair, avoid all down to earth ways and opt for Hair Transplantation.

We, the DHI, are one of the leading hair clinics at Lucknow, and we also have the best hair transplant surgeons in Lucknow, practicing in our clinics. We have a team of experts in PRP treatments and Hair Transplantation. For several different types of health problems, our clinic has been rated as one of the best for all types of hair treatment and hair transplant procedures. It’s our complete assurance that our excellent services will surely bring smile to your faces and also your loved ones.

Contact us now for the best hair transplant treatment in Lucknow. Book a personalized consultation online or give us a call at 1800 103 9300.

Hair Transplant Before & After Results

Hair Transplant Before & After Results
Hair transplant results Lucknow
Lucknow hair transplant before and after
Lucknow hair transplannt results
before and after hair transplant
results showing before and after hair transplant treatment

FAQs Related To Hair Transplant In Lucknow

  • 1.Is it safe to do hair transplant in Lucknow?

    Today with modern techniques like DHI, hair transplant is a very safe, minimalistic procedure which can be finished in a few hours, giving lifetime permanent and natural results. But it is important that it should be performed only by trained surgeons following strict protocols such as pre-screening, medical tests so that one can choose right patient for hair transplant. Not every patient is eligible to get hair transplant.

  • 2.Which doctors perform hair transplants in Lucknow?

    Today, in Lucknow, Homeopathic doctors, Ayurvedic doctors, Dentist and even gynaecologists are performing hair transplant procedures without having any proper training. At DHI’s hair transplant clinic in Lucknow, all procedures are performed end-to-end by MCI registered highly trained surgeons.

  • 3.Are the surgeons suitably trained and certified?

    Hair Transplant is not taught in any medical college world-wide. Doctors have to learn it from other doctors on the job, without proper training, assessment or certification, thereby compromising on safety. At DHI’s hair transplant clinic in Lucknow, each doctor is extensively trained on DHI Total Care System and certified by DHI International Hair Restoration Academy.

  • 4.How can you measure the hair transplant results?

    Hair Transplant results can be measured with precise hair count through computerized alopecia test which most clinics in Lucknow do not do or know about. Research shows that on an average, only 1 out of 2 implanted follicles grow at clinics without verifiable results. DHI has a verified graft survival rate of more than 90%. One third of DHI patients come for repair after their case has been spoilt by other hair transplant clinics in Lucknow.

  • 5. What is importance of diagnosis/alopecia test before going to a clinic for hair transplant in Lucknow?

    There are various types of alopecia & one could be suffering from any of them. A correct treatment of alopecia requires a proper diagnosis to begin with. Unfortunately, most clinics do hair transplant in Lucknow without proper diagnosis. DHI’s Diagnostic System for Alopecia (DSA) follows a dermatological examination, psychological aspects, precise mathematical count of donor and recipient area, and computerized alopecia test. This results in a comprehensive lifetime treatment plan and best results for the hair loss problem.

  • 6.How can hair transplant treatment change your life?

    Not everyone dares to face the stressful and daunting hair fall issues. For some, balding spots are the worst experience ever! If you are also the victim of excessive hair fall or balding and feel helpless about it, a hair transplant is a permanent solution for you. It’s a progressive and advanced medical procedure that can permanently end all your hair loss concerns if conducted with expertise and advanced technique. But, you need to ensure the quality of the treatment to achieve your expected results. Make sure you approach the best hair clinic in Lucknow that considers your expectations.

    DHI Lucknow is a renowned name in the hair restoration industry and understands all concerns of its patients. To ease your struggle and give back your everyday life normal, DHI Lucknow hair specialist put the best efforts. With their decades of expertise and industry experience, you can achieve guaranteed results after your hair transplant procedure. They make all your efforts and investment completely worth it. If you plan for a successful and result-oriented hair transplant, feel free to connect with DHI Lucknow. You can also book your appointment to know further about hair transplant cost in Lucknow. Our professionals will let you know the journey that lay ahead of you.

  • 7.What must you aim for the best hair transplant in Lucknow?

    The Hair transplant procedure has changed the lives of countless hair loss victims who have given up hope in life. This modern and advanced hair restoration practice can give back your lost confidence and happiness with permanent and life-transforming results. But, these motives are possible only when you ensure the quality of the treatment and look for the best technique and experienced surgeons who know how to deliver guaranteed results. It’s the point where an established and promising hair clinic plays a good part. A renowned hair clinic takes the responsibility of ensuring the quality of the treatment. DHI technique is top on the list!

    DHI Lucknow makes your impossible dream possible with a quality hair transplant. Whether it is about expert professionals, safety, hygiene protocols, choice of the techniques, facilities, infrastructure, or any other considerable aspect, you will get only the best. To make your life-transformative journey easy, accessible, and successful, our professionals make informed decisions right from the beginning! If you aim for the best hair transplant in Lucknow, look no further than DHI Lucknow. We realize your dream of achieving a head full of natural hair with our premium hair restoration services and world-class facilities. You can connect with us to know further about our hair treatments and other related offerings.

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