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Rejuve Skin & Aesthetic Clinic,
2nd Floor, Gulshan Grand,
Dispur, Sarumotoria,
Guwahati, Assam 781006
Toll Free: 1800 103 9300

Hair Transplant in Guwahati — DHI Clinic

  • DHI's hair transplant clinic in Guwahati operates from the world-class clinic Rejuve Skin & Aesthetic Clinic in pristine Dispur, Assam, which is a potpourri of exquisite cultures.
  • Due to its proximity to the railway station and International airport, DHI Guwahati is an easy commute from all parts of the city
  • DHI's hair transplant clinic in Guwahati provides a wide range of hair loss treatments including Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), Scalp Micro-pigmentation, Eyebrows Restoration, Beard Hair Restoration, and Direct Hair Fusion
  • The clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the latest technologies and infrastructure and is completely customer-friendly. All the procedures are carried out after a detailed diagnosis of the scalp condition of the patient
  • DHI is the only clinic for hair transplant in Guwahati where hair transplant procedures are performed by highly-trained and certified doctors’ end-to-end and not by nurses or assistants.
  • Like all other DHI clinics, hair transplant in Guwahati is also done using the DHI technique. DHI is a non-invasive, painless technique with no stitches, no cuts and no scars. This technique is performed using a patented implanter in a single one-step process which ensures correct angle, direction and depth at the same time, without prior creation of holes or slits
  • By adhering to strict protocols, DHI provides 100% natural results to its Patients. DHI provides a guarantee on graft survival ratio of 90% implanted hairs
  • Cost of the hair transplant in Guwahati can vary according to different grades of baldness but DHI is the most cost-friendly clinic as the graft survival ratio is the highest
  • 37% of our patients are the repair cases which were spoiled by other hair transplant procedures and clinics.
  • DHI's hair transplant clinic in Guwahati provides gold standard services in hair transplant with the help of a strong research advisory board and world-class facilities.
  • Ranked No. 1 on Customer Satisfaction by IMRB, DHI is the best clinic for hair transplant in Guwahati and gives the city’s best hair restoration services.
  • To book an appointment for a consultation at DHI Hair transplant clinic in Guwahati, give us a call now!

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Hair Transplant Clinic in Guwahat
Hair Transplant in Guwahati
Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Guwahati
Hair Transplant Clinic in Guwahati - DHI
Best Hair Transplant in Guwahati

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