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At DHI, We Don’t Split Hairs, And We Certainly Don’t Split Grafts

When you’re considering hair transplantation, beware of what you’re being offered for your money.

At DHI we keep things crystal clear. We simply offer you the number of hairs. After all, that’s why you’ve come to see us, for more hair, where you want it.

Many hair transplant clinics offer you grafts. Be careful, don’t get taken for a ride. Very often, the grafts they remove are split in two, or even three, before transplantation. By doing this, they deceitfully boost the numbers that they promise.

To make matters worse, this splitting with tweezers and cutters often damages the extracted hairs, significantly lessening their chances of survival. Many of the clumsily processed hairs will fail to flourish.

Avoid this headache, talk to us.

We will commit to you a pre-determined number of hairs and give them the delicate touch and care that ensures they stay yours forever. For complete transparency, patients have the choice of counting the extracted hair too.

Put your trust in the safest and best- DHI is Direct Hair Implantation, no holes, no forceps, no lies. Natural-looking results every time!

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