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Best Hair Transplant In Delhi

DHI India is one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi NCR to help people struggling with baldness. Baldness and hair loss can be distressing for anyone, regardless of their age. Believe it or not, baldness impacts people's confidence and self-esteem negatively. Moreover, it affects people's psyche, causing them to become profoundly unhappy when their hair begins to fall out. So, if you're also struggling with baldness, or you've lost your hair as a result of an unfortunate illness, hereditary, or any other reason, you don't need to be concerned any longer! The DHI Hair Transplant in Delhi is dedicated to assisting patients in restoring their lost hair most professionally and quickly possible. We offer a comprehensive spectrum of hair transplant procedures in Delhi, including Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), Scalp Micropigmentation, Eyebrow Restoration, Beard Hair Transplant/Restoration, and Direct Hair Fusion. Every surgery at DHI India is carried out only after a thorough diagnosis and analysis of the patient's scalp condition. Our hair transplant treatments are carried out entirely by doctors who have received extensive training and certification rather than by nurses or assistance. Our expert doctors pay close attention to the details and thoroughly investigate the root cause of your hair loss before recommending a course of therapy for you. That's one of the reasons DHI India has established itself as a reputable and top-rated hair transplant center in Delhi. We have a state-of-the-art facility where we deliver highly reliable hair restoration treatments in Delhi and India, allowing you to get a natural hair look with the least discomfort and expense. DHI is the world's most advanced hair transplant technology. Also, it is non-invasive and painless, requiring neither stitches nor cutting. Moreover, you will have no scars after DHI.

This technique is performed using a patented tool and does not require any incisions. It is a single one-step process and allows total control over angle, direction, and depth simultaneously. In the end, the patients achieve 100% natural results without the prior creation of holes or slits. We guarantee the maximum graft survival rate of above 90% versus 50% of the industry average. Being a customer-friendly clinic, we provide the latest hair fall treatment at the most competitive pricing. We are a one-stop destination for anyone who is considering a hair transplant in Delhi. Please book your appointment today to discuss your custom-made hair transplant solution with our hair transplant surgeons in Delhi and look your best.

hair transplant delhi

Most Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi

DHI's hair transplant clinic in Delhi is located in A- 2/25 Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi 110029 – the city's most affluent locality. It is approachable via all primary transport links routing to South Delhi. Spread across more than 3000 sq. ft, DHI's clinic possesses advanced infrastructure to ensure each treatment is carried out with utmost precision. Our state-of-the-art operating room is equipped with high-tech equipment dedicated to delivering excellent results to every patient we serve. Spread across a whopping area, DHI's Delhi clinic possesses the most advanced and high-tech machines available in the world to perform hair transplant procedures.

best hair transplant clinic in delhi

Having the best infrastructure and facilities, DHI carries out each treatment with utmost precision and delivers 100% satisfying results to every patient. Being a leading hair transplant clinic in Delhi, we follow international quality measures and provide gold standard services in hair transplants. All this is achieved with the help of a robust research advisory board and incredible facilities.

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Hair Transplant and Other Hair Loss Treatments Available at Our Delhi Clinic

    Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

    DHI is today's most modern, effective, and least invasive hair restoration method. No pain, scalpel, sutures, or scarring is associated with this procedure. Direct Hair transplantation involves transplanting individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp (the donor site) to an area of the scalp that is barren or balding (the recipient site). As a result of the procedure's high level of effectiveness, reliability, and safety, it provides permanent and natural effects. Because of the DHI hair restoration technology, we have helped thousands of patients regain their confidence since the company's founding in 2002.

    Repair Bad Hair Transplant in Delhi

    This hair transplant technique is a reparative one used to repair bad or deterred results of previously performed hair transplant procedures. It is also referred to as Corrective or Repairing hair transplant surgery. Our experienced hair transplant surgeons in Delhi determine the cause of failed hair transplants and closely work with patients dissatisfied with their results. Having sound expertise in this domain, they suggest the proper technique to fix a failed hair transplant. We can also correct the lousy output of outdated hair restoration procedures such as mini-grafting and hair plugs. If a poorly performed hair transplant procedure has left your life in tatters, then well-experienced surgeons at DHI can help you.

    PRP Therapy:

    Known as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy , PRP PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy is an advanced, non-surgical, therapeutic procedure that helps in triggering the natural growth process through injections. It aims to increase and maintain thick and robust hair growth among hair follicles.

delhi hair transplant clinic

Cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi at DHI Clinic

With increasing cases of failed hair transplants, it has become more important to choose the right hair transplant clinic in Delhi to avoid corrective surgeries. At DHI, we utilize cutting-edge equipment and advanced DHI technique to perform hair transplants. Being a customer-friendly hair restoration clinic, we are offering all-inclusive and affordable hair transplant packages.

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi

Hair loss is no joke, and carrying out a hair transplant procedure is no child's play. A transplant gone wrong can be a disastrous thing putting people at serious risk. This is why the expertise of the hair transplant surgeon in Delhi matters a lot. Usually, many people wonder why there is a vast difference in the cost of hair transplant surgeries in Delhi. They fall for cheap price gimmicks, fake advertising claims and end up getting treated at fraudulent hair loss clinics under the supervision of inexperienced surgeons. This leaves them scarred, disfigured, and depressed. Hence price should not be the deciding factor when choosing the hair transplant clinic. One should look for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, with well-experienced and certified hair transplant surgeons.

At DHI Clinic, hair transplantation is performed carefully under the vigilance of most noted and well-qualified hair transplant surgeons having years of experience. Their achievements and involvement in the field of hair transplant surgery are immense and commendable. The team of DHI-certified surgeons uses technologically advanced equipment and tools and the latest techniques to provide artistic, long-lasting, and natural results. Besides being appreciated for great expertise, they are highly admired for one on one personal interactions/consultations and customized hair restoration treatments. Additionally, we provide state-of-the-art care and ensure a 90% graft survival rate, which is way too much for the other market clinics. If you are looking for realistic hair transplant options, then our DHI hair transplant clinic is your best bet. Few Pictures of surgeons

our team

Dr. Kuntal Deb Burma

our team

Dr. Sanjeev Paria

our team

Dr. Nishat Fatima Ali K

our team

Dr. Deepak Choudhary

our team

Dr. Roby Bose

our team

Dr. Ritika Khanna

our team

Dr. Dinesh Bhoye

our team

Dr. Deepak Sugumanickam

our team

Dr. Mohammed Altamash Zubair

our team

Dr Lavanyaa M

Why is the DHI Delhi a Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

  • Highly effective and clinically proven treatments for both men and women
  • Completely customized hair loss treatments depending on the condition of the scalp and the underlying cause of hair loss
  • Well experienced and notable hair transplant surgeons to ensure a 100% success rate
  • Painless and minimally invasive procedures and natural results
  • Top-notch facility equipped with modern and high-tech equipment to ensure hair transplant procedures of the highest standards
  • All our procedures are backed by cutting edge scientific research
  • DHI is an Award-winning technique with minimally invasive surgery – no cuts, pain, scar, or stitches
  • Maximum (90%) grafts survival rate of the implanted hair
  • Compliant with ISO, UK CQC, and several other accreditations to meet global standards
  • A wide range of hair loss treatments under one roof to treat different types of baldness patterns

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FAQs Related to Hair Transplant in Delhi

  • 1. How effective is a hair transplant procedure?

    Hair transplant can accurately add more hair to the bald area on your head that may be thinning or balding. Today it is one of the most effective treatments available for hair restoration in the market. Using wigs, caps, or comb-overs is just a temporary thing and can be a frustrating experience. A Hair transplant procedure is more reliable and provides permanent, long-lasting, and natural results. However, it also depends on the surgical technique chosen and the experience and expertise of the surgeon performing the treatment.

  • 2. How is the DHI procedure different from FUE and FUT?

    DHI- Direct Hair Implantation is the world's most advanced and effective technique for hair transplantation. It was innovated by DHI medical group for painless and transformative hair transplants. Unlike FUE and FUT, DHI is a minimally invasive hair transplantation procedure that does not involve scars, cuts, and stitches. The DHI technique is the ideal treatment for those looking to restore hair in a painless and scar-free manner. When a hair transplant is performed using DHI, there are no unnatural-looking grafts but natural results. In addition, the recovery period is shorter, and the graft survival rate is the highest. On the other hand, FUE and FUT procedures involve the extraction of individual hair follicles from the scalp skin through the strip technique, respectively, which is a painful procedure and leads to scarring.

  • 3. How does the DHI procedure work?

    DHI hair transplant procedure works in two phases – Extraction and Implantation. Under the extraction phase, hair follicles are removed from the donor area using a unique extraction methodology without causing any cuts, pain, or harm to the follicles, unlike other methods. The second part of the procedure involves implanting hair onto the desired areas of your scalp using specially designed and patented (US and EU patents) instruments – the DHI implanter. These hair follicles will eventually grow new hairs that will have a natural look. It is a single-step procedure with 100% control over angle, direction, depth, and density.

  • 4. What does the hair transplant cost exactly in Delhi?

    The hair transplant cost in Delhi depends on many factors. Primarily, it is calculated according to the number of grafts required and the present grade of the baldness. Furthermore, it depends on the clinic you choose, the surgeon's expertise and experience in the field, the guarantee of graft survival rate, and desirable results. Additionally, it also depends on the choice of hair transplant technique. It is always better to visit the clinic for more clarity on cost and the most suitable procedure. You can also have a face-to-face consultation with the hair transplant surgeon to personally discuss your hair loss condition.

  • 5. What is the success rate of DHI's hair transplant clinic in Delhi?

    DHI's chain of hair transplant clinics is adept and experienced in transplanting grafts on the recipient area. Being a leader in hair restoration guarantees the maximum graft survival rate of over 90% versus 50% of the industry average. We have one of the most skilled and expert hair transplant surgeons in Delhi anywhere globally who work with high accuracy and unmatched dedication. Our hair transplant surgeons in Delhi have a proven track record of delivering 100% satisfying and natural results for a lifetime. In addition, we have access to the latest, innovative, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, which allows us to handle all types of complex cases with great ease.

  • 6. What are the necessary things that I should keep in mind before the procedure?

    DHI's hair transplant clinic in Delhi performs advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant procedures in which downtime is shorter with fewer activity restrictions post-op. Hence the patients need not feel anxious or afraid of the hair transplant in Delhi or excessively worry about taking an extended leave from their work schedule post-op. The only thing that the patients must do is be mentally prepared and adequately follow pre-surgery directions and diet. Additionally, they need to inform the surgeon about their ongoing medications and smoking habits. Here is some practice advice. If you are serious about undergoing surgery, you should try to quit smoking because it can interfere with the hair transplant results.

  • 7. How do you diagnose the condition before suggesting a hair transplant procedure?

    Hair loss is primarily caused by a combination of factors such as aging, genetics, medications, illness, changes in hormones, etc. Our hair transplant surgeons closely observe, study, and analyze the scalp by examining the extent of the hair loss and examining a few hair samples under a microscope. After a thorough analysis, the surgeon accurately diagnoses the hair loss condition. DHI's unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia (DSA) conducts a thorough dermatological examination and computerized hair mapping to study the psychological aspects and gather a precise mathematical count of donor and recipient area. This gives the surgeon a clear and transparent picture, then designs a custom treatment plan for restoring lost hair.

  • 8. How to choose the Hair Transplant In Delhi?

    In today's stressful times, people around the world are losing their hair at an alarming rate. Loss of confidence, psychological trauma due to hair loss makes them eager to get rid of the embarrassing situation as soon as possible. However, when choosing the right hair transplant clinic in Delhi, one should never hurry. A hair transplant gone wrong can cost you dearly. It would be best if you considered certain factors before planning to make a choice. Always conduct thorough research to know about the credibility, reputation, and success stories of the clinic. After shortlisting the clinic, try to find out more about the surgeon's expertise and the success rate of the surgeries performed. Ask who will perform the surgery and meet the surgeon for personal and one-on-one discussion. Take a look at before and after the patient's images, and ask about the recovery time and guarantee about the growth of the transplanted hair follicles. Based on these, you can always make an informed and rational decision.

  • 9. Is it possible to meet the surgeon before the procedure at the DHI hair transplant clinic in Delhi?

    Yes, of course. At the DHI hair transplant clinic Delhi, we always let you meet and interact with the surgeon directly in person. Upon meeting, you can discuss your surgery in detail and further solidify your confidence if they are the one. Our surgeons will review your hair loss patterns and examine your hair thoroughly to diagnose the condition before suggesting the appropriate and best hair transplant treatment in Delhi. Right from proper diagnosis to best in class medical advice and treatment, they will guide you through each stage of your hair transplantation journey. Being a leading team of doctors, they offer comprehensive care to meet the needs of each patient. Further, they are well experienced in treating patients from all walks of life. Book your personalized consultation now with our hair transplant surgeons.

  • 10. How far is the DHI Delhi Hair Transplant clinic from Saket?

    DHI Safdarjung Enclave Delhi hair Transplant clinic is 7.6 kilometers from Saket; if you take Africa Ave. Thus, the DHI Delhi hair loss treatment clinic is only 16 minutes away if you travel by car or cab. If you come through public transport, such as an auto/bus, it will take around 49-50 minutes to reach the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi.

    Shaheed Jeet Singh Marg and Aurobindo Marg are additional routes from Saket to our hair transplant clinic. It will take around 18 minutes to reach our hair loss restoration clinic via these routes. DHI Delhi is a recognized hair transplant clinic that is conveniently accessible. On our website, we've even included directions for individual convenience.

  • 11. How can I reach the DHI Safdarjung Enclave hair transplant clinic from Panchsheel Enclave, New Delhi?

    DHI Delhi Safdarjung Enclave clinic from Panchsheel Enclave is only 7.4 KMs away; if you choose to go via NH 48. So, if you have your vehicle, reaching the DHI Delhi clinic will take only 13 – 14 minutes. However, if you come by public transport, it will take approximately 20 to 40 minutes.

    The alternative routes to reach DHI Safdarjung Enclave Delhi clinic from Panchsheel Enclave include Africa Ave and August Kranti Marg. It will take approximately the same time to get to our DHI Delhi hair transplant clinic.

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