Mild hair loss can occur as the body ages. However, if severe hair loss occurs at a relatively younger ages, it can lead to distress. Premature hair loss can be due to various factors like hormonal changes, hereditary reasons, damage to hair follicles; fungal infections, hairstyling routines, malnutrition, lack of nourishment and of course aging. Besides these reasons, some other causes that can contribute to hair loss are use of medicines, hereditary and hormonal disorder.

In the past several years, medical science has grown by leaps and bounds. Hence, long-term hair loss leading to alopecia or baldness can be cured by proper treatment options. It is no longer inevitable to live with hair loss or baldness as modern day treatment methods can cure these problems.

Generally, there are two options for permanent hair loss treatment. Surgical or non-surgical! Those individuals who are not comfortable with surgical options can go for normal treatment options like lotions and tablets. However, non-surgical treatment may not work in all cases and it is not a permanent and guaranteed solution. The drawback of relying on medicinal treatments is that once the treatment is stopped, hair loss can start all over again. Moreover, lotions and tablets need to be used on a continuous basis and if you stop the treatment, hair fall resumes. Massage, vitamin supplements and herbal remedies are some other options often seen as methods adopted /referred by doctors to reduce hair loss, however tablets and lotions does not guarantee to grow new hair and restore your looks Some individuals also choose cosmetic options like including wigs and hairpieces to enhance their looks. But even these are temporary solutions and not truly what a bald person is looking for, as it does not provide the natural look and needs a lot of maintenance.

After some stages of permanent hair loss treatment surgery, hair loss medicines may not give the required results. This is where hair restoration or hair replacement or hair transplant procedures comes into play. If you want head full of natural hair and wants to restore your old look then DHI is the solution. The Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique adopted by DHI India works wonders to give required natural results to individuals who are looking forward to see hair growing back to their lost spaces.

What makes DHI’s hair loss treatment in India so unique is that it is side-effect free and does not involve invasive and risky procedures like ’fue, strip’, ’scars’ or ’holes’. Its efficacy is reflected from the 100% natural results we have obtained for our clients.

If you’re looking forward to hair loss treatment surgery in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Kolkata and other parts of India you can visit our clinic or our website to know more about us and our services. Hair loss treatment in India has advanced to a significant level.