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Are you fascinated with the beard culture? But having no hair growth brings down your confidence? You're at the right place! DHI India is the global leader in restoring facial hair growth for dense, thicker, natural-looking beards and mustaches. We are renowned for using the world's most refined hair implantation technique - Direct Hair Implantation™, performed only by DHI certified surgeons.

Having over five decades of experience, DHI India is recognized as a pioneer in providing a beard transplant in Gurgaon. We use a minimally invasive technique that assures painless, scar-free, and permanent beard transplants, done according to the patient's facial aesthetics. We have more than 2,50,000 success stories of hair transplant patients worldwide, including film stars, sportsmen, heads of states & business leaders.

After having a beard transplant in the Gurgaon clinic, one can take care of their beard, gel, shave, trim, and style it as normal beard hair.

How Do Beard Transplants Work?

The DHI medical group uses the most advanced and the world's most refined technique for beard transplant in Gurgaon. It assures minimal downtime with no pain and scarring during and after the procedure. The procedure works very well in restoring natural facial growth by emphasizing the following key steps:

Hairline designing: Our experienced surgeons design the beard area according to their facial aesthetics that enhance the look.

Extraction: The number of hair follicles required on the beard area is extracted from the scalp's back (also known as the donor area).

Follicle Counting: The number of hair follicles extracted from the donor area is counted according to the density and results required for a natural-looking beard.

Implantation: The extracted follicles are implanted into the facial skin as per the beard's predetermined shape.

Post-Procedure: There is always a temporary shedding of hair newly implanted, which is considered normal. After the shedding phase, there will be a regrowth of hair to shave and style as usual.

Am I Suitable for a Facial Hair Transplant?

Do you lack proper hair growth on your beard area? Then beard transplant could be the right procedure for you. DHI India provides permanent and natural-looking facial hair transplants in Gurgaon for men lacking proper beard growth. Additionally, those who have a healthy scalp with dense hair at the back of it are eligible for the treatment. However, those who experience baldness but are interested in beard transplant will be suggested the right alternatives by our certified surgeons.

DHI India provides facial hair transplants in Gurgaon for treating diverse conditions – patchy beard, uneven or negligible growth due to genetic factors, burns, or injury. It can address several issues, including thin or no beard growth, sideburns, and mustaches. Our five decades of experience helps in not only restoring hair growth but also boosting confidence.

Beard Transplant Aftercare

Beard transplant performed at DHI Clinic can transform the look of men and help them regain their confidence. It has no downtime and provides maximum results in the industry. To achieve optimal results, our surgeons give a complete series of instructions for beard transplant aftercare:

  • Keep the donor and transplanted area clean to avoid infections
  • Take your antibiotics as part of the healing process, as suggested by the surgeon
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Do not touch or scratch the transplanted area for at least a week
  • Avoid using razors; instead, use scissors for the initial months

Beard transplant performed at DHI Clinic potentially possesses no side effects. However, slight swelling, redness, and numbness could be there for a while, which is normal. Additionally, the patients do not need to worry about scarring their implanted or donor area as our facial hair restoration treatment is performed using advanced equipment that makes the procedure free from scars.

What is the cost of a Beard Transplant procedure in Gurgaon?

Undergoing a Beard transplant treatment in Gurgaon is not a quick decision. It requires emotional and financial stability to achieve that desired facial hair growth. The cost of the complete treatment varies from case to case depending upon the number of follicles that need to be transplanted and the facial area that needs to be filled in.

Before starting up with the treatment, DHI surgeons examine your scalp and facial skin to understand the growth patterns and density of hair present in the donor area. If you're the right candidate, the surgeon will go ahead with the procedure. However, if you have less or thin hair at the back of your scalp, our surgeon will recommend you several other alternatives to extract hair follicles. Book your appointment to identify the exact cost of the beard transplant procedure on your face.

Please note that facial hair restoration in Gurgaon is a cosmetic procedure that is not covered under insurance. It is always recommended to know about the payment and financing options available with the clinic.

What Makes Us the Best Beard Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon?

Beard transplant procedures have gained massive popularity across the world. People are becoming more aware of the techniques to enhance their facial look and be more socially accepted. With more than five decades of existence, DHI India is recognized as a trusted and most preferred hair restoration clinics globally. Unlike the other widely available market methods, we are well-known for performing our award-winning technique – Direct Hair Implantation™. It is performed only by DHI certified surgeons by using single-use titanium quoted instruments and patented device.

Being the most technologically advanced clinics, we are known as the best beard transplant clinic in Gurgaon. The entire procedure is completed within 4 to 7 hours under local anesthesia, allowing the surgeons to have complete control over the angle, direction, and depth. Our painless and scar-free technique has no downtime, and the patient can get back to everyday life on the same day itself.

DHI Clinics is the largest chain of hair restoration clinics across the globe. Our certified and highly experienced surgeons have successfully performed DHI procedure on many famous Indian and International celebrities, including Virender Sehwag, Govinda, RJ Siddharth Kannan, Rohit Roy, prominent hockey players, and many among others.

FAQs related to Beard Transplant Gurgaon

How effective is the beard transplant procedure for men? A beard transplant procedure is considered the only effective method that provides permanent and natural-looking facial hair growth. However, it also depends upon the experience and credibility of the surgeon performing the technique.

What are the things that I need to keep in mind before the procedure? Beard transplant procedure at DHI clinic is a minimally invasive surgery. Men undergoing treatment need to be mentally and financially prepared. Additionally, they are advised to tell the surgeon about the medications at the time of consultation itself, if they are consuming any.

What should I expect after the procedure? Beard transplant procedure in Gurgaon takes 3 to 4 months to settle on the face and start growing as usual. As part of the process, the patients experience shedding of the implanted hair, which is entirely normal. After this phase, new hair starts to grow that men can treat as their natural beard.

What is the success rate of the beard transplant? DHI Clinics has over 90% graft survival rate versus 50% of the industry average. Our surgeons perform the procedure with utmost precision that assures 100% natural and lifetime results.

What are the instruments used by the DHI clinic for beard transplantation? Our award-winning technique – Direct Hair Implantation™ is taught in major European universities. It is performed only by DHI Surgeon, certified by London Hair Restoration Academy, using single-use titanium quoted instruments and patented devices.

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