Safety Protocol

1. Rigorous medical test before the procedure to ensure that the patient can receive treatment safely

2. Administration of local anaesthesia only by qualified & well trained doctors.

3. Comprehensive risk management protocols across all clinics.

4. Emergency kit in every single procedure room to deal with any unforeseen situation.

5. Singe use disposable instruments of highest quality, which completely eliminate the chances of any infection.

6. Use of sharpest possible instruments specially developed for DHI to ensure no damage to donor area.

7. Strict follicle care protocols to ensure maximum graft survival.

8. Strict protocols for placement of follicles including grid planning, ADT & MET standards etc. for most natural results.

9. Procedure performed by doctor trained & certified at London Hair Restoration Academy.

10. Rigorous follow up & post procedure care for optimum results.


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