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DHI Academy 100% Free Procedures

This is our small gesture to give back to the society.

We offer totally free hair transplant, beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, female hair transplant procedures for those who cannot afford it, but still wants to look good. This offer is also for those for who need a reconstructive procedure, such as cases of burns, accidents etc. For this, DHI International has also tied up with Atijeevan Foundation

All these procedures are performed totally free of cost, under the aegis of DHI International Training Academy, an in house body which undertakes training of qualified doctors. All procedures are performed by trainee doctors under close supervision of highly skilled Medical Directors.

Limited slots are available from time to time in various clinics across India. You may apply by filling the following details. Before selection, candidates who apply on the basis of unaffordability, will need to submit proof of income.