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Signs and Solutions for Extreme Hair Loss

Extreme hair Loss Treatment Options

Hair loss is a common issue these days. Those who suffer from extreme hair loss, lose not only their appearance but also their self-confidence. Excessive hair fall can lead to baldness, and you will be surprised to know that baldness contributes to low self-esteem. Fortunately, there are treatments and solutions to handle the extreme hair loss issue. But the question is how to recognize the right time to take action.

The hair shedding is normal. We all shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day. It’s time to act when a person sheds significantly more hair daily. Taking action promptly may seem challenging without knowing the signs and symptoms of extreme hair loss.

But worry not! We have covered you in this post to help you make timely decisions. So, without any further ado, let’s delve in.

Symptoms of Extreme Hair Loss

Extreme hair loss, medically referred to as alopecia, can have numerous causes and symptoms. Some of the common signs of alopecia include,

  • Gradual thinning of hair on the top of the head. Gradual hair thinning on the top of the head is one of the most common hair losses as people age. More often than not, men start to experience a hairline recession, whereas women often experience a widening of their hair part.
  • Circular or patchy bald spots. Some people often experience hair loss in the form of circular or patchy bald spots on their scalp, beard, or eyebrows. This usually occurs due to some infection or any other medical condition.
  • Acute hair loss induced due to physical or emotional trauma. People may experience hair loss due to certain physical conditions or emotional trauma, including stress. Yes, stress is one of the reasons people suffer from extreme hair loss. However, it may be temporary and can be controlled with proper medication.
  • Complete body hair loss.
  • Certain medical conditions and procedures, such as chemotherapy for Cancer, can lead to full-body hair loss.
  • Patches of scaling on the scalp. Patches of scaling spreading over the scalp are yet another sign of baldness. This usually occurs due to ringworm or other infections.

Common Causes of Extreme Hair Loss in Women

Hereditary Factors – Heredity is a pretty common cause of hair loss in some people. Hair loss or hair thinning due to a genetic condition is known as androgenic alopecia, or male-pattern baldness in men and female-pattern baldness in women. People start to experience gradual hair loss as they age. In men, it often begins with a receding hairline and the development of bald spots. Women, on the other hand, tend to experience thinning hair along the crown of the scalp.

Medical Conditions – Specific medical procedures or conditions can also lead to hair loss. People who suffer from chronic diseases, such as Cancer, thyroid, etc., often end up losing hair. In addition, autoimmune diseases, scalp infections, lichen planus, lupus, sarcoidosis, etc., also lead to extreme hair loss in women.

Hormonal Changes – Hormonal changes such as polycystic ovarian syndrome can also lead to extreme hair loss. Aside from that, hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause can also affect one’s hair and scalp.

Medications – Medications such as cancer drugs, blood thinners, vitamin A supplements, or antidepressants can also cause extreme hair loss in women and men. Usually, hair loss occurs as a side effect of medications prescribed for specific ailments, including Cancer, arthritis, depression, and so on.

Stress – You may be surprised to know that stress of any kind (emotional or physical) can lead to hair loss in both men and women. A high level of stress can cause a significant number of hair follicles to enter a resting phase. After a few months, you may notice that affected hairs start to fall out unexpectedly while combing or washing your hair.

Hair Treatments – Presumably, you know that most hair treatments, such as hair straightening, hair perming, etc., include harsh chemicals. Yes, hair stylists use chemical-based creams to straighten or perm your hair. This, in turn, makes your hair weak, brittle, and fragile, leading to hair loss or hair thinning. In addition, certain hairstyles that pull the hair tightly, hot-oil hair treatments, and permanents can also lead to hair loss. Hair loss may become permanent due to these reasons.

So, these are some possible causes of extreme hair loss in women. Let’s now look at the solutions you may consider if you are also experiencing hair loss. Here we go

Extreme Hair Loss Solution

Some of the possible solutions for extreme hair loss are as follows:

Medications – Certain medicines work well for people suffering from extreme hair loss. These medicines include minoxidil, flutamide, corticosteroids, finasteride, spironolactone, etc. These medicines are said to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. However, speaking to a reputable hair specialist or dermatologist before taking these medicines is crucial.

Wigs and Extensions – Wigs, headpieces, and hair extensions are yet another solution for hair loss. However, these solutions do not control hair loss or stimulate hair growth. They help you add volume to your existing hair. Also, it is essential to acknowledge that wigs and extensions can give your hair an artificial appearance. Additionally, these solutions can be costly, as you need to change or get new wigs or extensions after a particular time.

Hairstyles – Certain hairstyles can help you hide your condition in any social setting. However, this is not a permanent solution as you don’t always wear hairstyles. It’s only when you go out that you wear certain hairstyles.

Hair Transplant Treatment – Hair transplantation surgery is the most effective treatment for extreme hair loss in women and men. Hair transplantation involves extracting healthy hair follicles from the donor region (preferably the back or sides of the scalp) and transplanting them into the recipient site (where you are experiencing hair thinning). Hair transplant treatments are permanent solutions to get rid of hair loss.

There are numerous hair transplant treatments and techniques, including the DHITM Direct hair implantation technique led by DHI Total Care System, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), and so on. The DHI Total Care System is the best and most effective extreme hair fall solution. The DHI Total Care System has a cutting-edge hair transplant procedure that produces hair growth that looks completely natural. This hair transplant treatment is non-invasive, painless, and does not leave any scars. It effectively helps you achieve fuller and more natural-looking hair growth. The DHI Total Care System is a specialised range of hair loss treatments exclusively offered at DHI clinics in India and other international locations.

Why choose a hair transplant treatment at the DHI clinic?

DHI technique and its benefits are propriety to DHI International Medical Group. Some clinics and doctors try to copy this and claim to use the DHI technique which is misleading. The following features are only available at DHI-authorised clinics.

1) We are proud to be ranked #1 on customer satisfaction in a hair transplant industry survey by IMRB. Our customer satisfaction rate is more than 99%. Also, they received the Customer Excellence Award from Quantic and numerous other awards & accreditations from medical bodies worldwide.

2) Our results are not just good; they are fantastic! Click LINK to see our results and LINK for our customer feedback.

3) We provide hair restoration services for all stages of hair loss for men and women. This includes high growth factor PRP/GFC therapies and Activa Regenera treatment for early-stage alopecia, hair transplant for all stages of alopecia, and the highest quality natural human hair cosmetic patches for very advanced stages of alopecia. Our range of hair loss treatment products and nutraceuticals have the highest-grade active ingredients, and you can shop for them here.

4) All procedures are performed from start to finish by DHI doctors trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy. All the surgeons are focused on hair restoration procedures only. Every procedure goes through strict quality control.

5) All procedures are performed per strict standard operating protocols accredited with the UK Care Quality Commission and ISO standards.

6) The world’s safest hair transplant procedure performed in sterile environment as per comprehensive safety protocols. All procedures are performed only after proper diagnosis and medical tests.

7) Perfect control over angle, depth, and direction with our patented implanter. Only the highest quality imported instruments are used in the procedure and discarded after every procedure.

8) One-step implantation to ensure minimal graft handling. Highest graft survival rate of over 90% as compared to 50-90% in other clinics.

9) There are no stitches, no pain, no scarring, and no downtime. You can return to work the next day. It is just a short procedure to regrow your hair naturally and permanently. Daily Mail UK titled DHI the “Lunch Hour Transplant” (click here to read the article).

10) Achieve strong density in a session compared to other low-density techniques such as FUE and FUT.

11) Natural Results Guaranteed – The DHI technique gives you a perfectly natural result and others will only know you had a transplant if you tell them.

12) DHI is the world’s largest hair restoration medical group from Greece. For more than 50 years, we have focused on research, innovation, and education in hair restoration. We have 75 clinics in 45 countries serving more than 5,00,000 satisfied customers. Top celebrities from the entertainment, sports, business, and politics only trust DHI for their hair restoration!

Wrapping up…

This is all about the signs and solutions for extreme hair loss in women and men. Hair loss can be distressing; however, with proper treatment, you can regain your appearance and self-confidence. Know that certain hair loss conditions can be prevented with the help of medications and a healthy lifestyle. However, this does not apply to people experiencing extreme hair loss. If you are experiencing significant hair loss, visiting a reputable hair transplant clinic is recommended. An experienced hair transplant surgeon can help you with the best hair treatment option for your condition. A skilled surgeon will first evaluate your situation, keeping everything, including your medical conditions, in mind, and accordingly will provide you with the right treatment option.

So, don’t ponder much; visit a hair transplant clinic to fix the hair loss issue permanently.

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