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Dr. Smita Gomes Chooses DHI for Hair & Eyebrow Transplant

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Dr. Smita Gomes and others like her chose DHI for a Hair and Eyebrow transplant procedure. Experience the transformation through this short video in which Dr. Gomes gets 899 and 200 hair follicles implanted for the hairline and eyebrow, respectively.

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About DHI Clinics:

DHI Clinics have a vast number of satisfied eyebrow hair transplant female patients. With a high standard of services and strict safety protocols, DHI surgeons offer each patient the best hair transplant surgeries and satisfactory results. However, we understand that not every patient is the same, and they all have different requirements for surgery. Therefore, DHI surgeons design a personalized hair transplant plan for every candidate based on their needs and medical history.

DHI Clinics maintains transparency throughout the process. You will get the same as what you guaranteed during the consultation. DHI doctors let the patient know the number of grafts required to offer the desired results in the initial stage. Also, the cost of the hair transplant is decided based on it. This way, the patient gets overall clarity about the hair transplant. DHI Global has helped more than 300,000 patients by offering excellent results.

DHI rarely gets any complaints. However, if any past patient contacts DHI with any query, our team works best to solve it.

Many celebrities, sportspeople, and business tycoons have trusted DHI Global to get a hair transplant. And we are delighted to present them with our world-class services and help them look the best. If you are also planning to get Hair Transplant, choose DHI. You can check the patient reviews on our website.

DHI Medical Group has the largest and most experienced team of surgeons and healthcare professionals specializing in hair loss treatment. After pioneering FUE in 2002, DHI innovated and launched the Direct Hair Implantation procedure in 2008. DHI is considered the gold standard in hair restoration with the least invasive, one-step implantation technique having the strongest research advisory board, US & EU patents, and world-class facilities that operate per standards accredited by the ISO & UK CQC.

DHI’s standard operating procedures and protocols are applied in all procedures to ensure 100% Safety and Guaranteed Natural results every time. In recognition of its unique excellence, DHI has been awarded various certifications, including UK CQC, TUV – Austria, ACHS – Australia, ISO, and several industry awards.
DHI Global Medical Group has established the industry’s first institution of practitioner education – The DHI International Hair Restoration Training Academy. Since 2009, we have trained and certified more than 250 doctors to ensure safety and effectiveness.

In a customer satisfaction survey conducted on the hair transplant industry by IMRB, DHI was rated 8.5 on a scale of 0-10. We offer a complete range of hair loss solutions for all stages of hair loss which includes Diagnostic, Preventive, and Hair Restoration treatments. Our Hair restoration services include scalp for men and women, beard, eyebrows, and body hair. DHI international has performed a thousand procedures, including celebrities like Bollywood actors, Sportsmen, Politicians, and Business Tycoons.

In recent years we have broadened our range of services, particularly in the areas of hair loss prevention and hair loss diagnosis. We regularly set new global benchmarks such as 12,000 hair implanted in a single session, complex afro hair transplant cases, and reconstruction of eyebrows in burn victims.

At DHI, we not only restore hair but also transform lives. Click here to Book your consultation for a hair transplant session with our expert doctors.

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