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Hair loss is one of the most distressing and appalling physical condition. Not because it is the loss of very identity of the natural possession. But also, it is a blow on the personality of a person as hair are very crucial part of any man’s personality.

Humans have always been able to devise new ways to overcome any physical condition, therefore Hair transplant surgery came into being. The hair transplant solutions have gone under severe transformation and have become more and more resilient and produced better results over the years. Earlier, there were cases where hair transplants resulted in scarring, and somewhat inconsistent results, and at some places unnatural appearance, due to the usage of traditional techniques of hair transplantation. Choosing from the many Hair Transplant Solutions available into the market can give anyone a headache. It depends upon several factors such as affordability, invasiveness, time frame, and overall effectiveness, undoubtedly, choosing the right procedure for yourself can be one of the biggest decisions you could have ever thought of. However in recent years that problem has been solved because many have turned to the DHI treatment to cure their hair-loss woes and enjoying their old looks

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This new treatment named DHI (direct hair Implantation) has forayed into the market and has produced great results. It is different from all the procedures that have existed for years and used varieties of products and treatments promising long, luscious locks. There are few clinics that provide Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi and have adopted this technique. This unique treatment is a more advanced hair replacement technique that implements the natural hair cycle.

The most tantalizing factor of the treatment is that it grows hair in the natural way.It also uses a patented “No Touch” technique that is used for hair replacement and has been giving revolutionary results ineyebrows reconstruction.

Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi too has also got a face lift with adoption of this procedure. This procedure uses an exclusive tool called the “DHI Implanter” which can delicately control every single (individual) hair follicle, creating a neat, clean, and completely natural hairline. This technique is known for the results it produces which includes greater volume of hair. These procedures generally do not take much time. This near to painless treatment also allows patients to bypass the need to shave their head prior to the treatment, resulting in a much more pleasant and less embarrassing experience overall, especially for women!

This technique can easily be found at DHI Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kolkata and various parts of India as well. This technique is widely adopted because it needs minimal postoperative medication and the whole procedure is performed quickly and painlessly.



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