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Sudipto Das’s Journey to a Shahrukh Khan Hairline with DHI’s High-Density Transplant

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“Love you, team DHI,” were the words of one of our favourite clients, Sudipto Das, whose zesty story will bring a smile to your face. A charming and full-of-life singer and songwriter, Mr. Das knocked on DHI’s doors for a hair transplant treatment to get a hairline like his icon, Shahrukh Khan. 

Gone are the days when people would ask their hairdresser for a cut similar to their favorite celebrity. Now, we can achieve a hairline similar to your favorite actor’s.
This is the story of 37-year-old Sudipto Das, who recalls his first fan moment when he watched “Baazigar.” Since then, he has been an ardent fan of Shahrukh Khan. Sudipto initially had terrific hair, but his hairline started receding over time due to unknown factors. Though he was satisfied with his hair until now, its gradual retreat led him to consider a hair transplant.

Sudipto decided to make his dream come true and asked team DHI to give him a hairline like Shahrukh Khan’s. Inspired by Sudipto’s passion for his idol, our surgeons enthusiastically took on the challenge and delivered the desired results.

Sudipto had thick hair, and thus, there was a need to work on a more significant number of implants to make it look natural. Moreover, the hairstyle he was looking forward to was of high density. High-density hair transplantation aims to create an effect that resembles natural hair density. This is done by implanting grafts at a density of 45–50 grafts per cm2. While in the majority of the cases, grafts were implanted at a density of 35–45 grafts per cm2. For Sudipto, we implanted 5,388 follicles to achieve the desired results; the entire procedure took 6-7 hours, including a lunch break.

We maintained complete hygiene throughout the process and ensured that only the surgeons touched the client’s scalp. Our focus was on providing absolute comfort while taking measures to avoid contamination and infection. The procedure is painless, allowing the patient to remain active and watch everything as it happens. We ensured Sudipto was fully informed about the process and the appointment of certified surgeons. Step-by-step guidelines and precautions were clearly explained, and we proceeded only after receiving his consent.

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We explained how the doctor extracts grafts from the back of his scalp, the safe donor area with good hair growth, where the thickest hair grows near the rear of the scalp. The surgeon then moves these extracted follicles to areas of the scalp without hair. Once the hair-implanted skin heals, the hair should continue to grow naturally. Impressed by DHI’s flexible and transparent approach, Sudipto felt confident he was in safe hands.

Over the past few decades, there has been considerable evolution in hair transplantation in the DHI system, leading to more natural-looking results with minimal surgery, no downtime, no scar, maximum density, and no pain. These DHITM hair transplant treatments guarantee healthy follicles in the recipient area, which promotes long-term natural hair growth. Other hair restoration treatments are available at DHITM clinics to boost hair growth and increase hair thickness. The team of doctors has demonstrated remarkable outcomes in all cases, and Sudipto’s case was a memorable work performed at the DHITM clinic. 

According to strict DHITM protocols, follow-ups were carried out regularly. The natural “shedding” of the transplanted grafts caused Sudipto’s newly planted hairline to become visible in a few months. If you are also looking forward to a quick and seamless DHITM hair transplant that will change your look and boost your confidence, visit only DHITM clinics present in all major cities.

Sudipto’s life philosophy of achieving what you desire is manifested in his hairstyle. He is a live performer, and after meeting DHITM, he is a star performer. We can only imagine his aura as he performs and even his icon’s songs on stage. It would fill him with so much energy, especially when he has a hairline like King Khan.

7 Key questions you should ask before choosing your hair loss solution

1) Who will perform the procedure?

In most clinics, procedures are performed by technicians only. The clinic owners are plastic surgeons and dermatologists, mainly involved in sales and marketing. Their involvement in the actual procedure is minimal. You should go to a clinic where a doctor performs the entire procedure himself/herself, not through a technician.   

It is also essential to check if the clinic or doctor specializes in hair transplants or offers other aesthetic treatments, such as Botox. A better choice would be to go for a super specialist doctor. 

2) Is your doctor suitably trained and certified? Do they follow standard and accredited protocols?

In most cases, doctors learn hair transplants from other doctors without any evaluation or certification process. This can take years for them to understand the intricacies of hair transplants. Further, most doctors do not follow written protocols and perform procedures based on personal preferences, leading to sub-optimal results.

Please check if the doctor performing the procedure has training and accreditation from a reputed institute. Very importantly, personally verify if the clinic has written protocols for all stages of the hair transplant procedure, including detailed safety protocols.

3) What is the experience of the clinic/doctor you are going to?

Hair transplant is a relatively new area of practice, which has lured many doctors to leave their practice in the field of their expertise and move towards hair transplants only in the last 3-5 years.  Many clinics may not have the experience, protocols, or the necessary expertise to handle hair transplant cases.  Please ensure that the clinic has been established for many years and has a verifiable reputation.  Do not just rely on what they claim.

4) How does the clinic ensure the quality of your result?

Research shows that on average only half of the implanted hair may grow in certain clinics without proper experience. This is because the clinic may not have access to the latest techniques, instruments, tools, protocols etc.  Please stay away from freelancers who work in many clinics on a case-by-case basis.  They are most likely to spoil your case as they may care least for the patient.  Sometimes the doctor may be very qualified or experienced but past his prime to be able to give good results.

Do check if the work done by the doctor is supervised by someone.  Does the doctor follow any certification, assessment, and quality monitoring process.  It is not advised to go to a clinic where there is only one doctor whose work goes unsupervised.   

Good results can only come with the right technique, instruments, tools, protocols, training, assessment, and quality control.  

5) How do you ensure your safety during and after the hair transplant procedure?

Generally, hair transplant is a safe process and cannot lead to severe risks.  However, sometimes there could be scalp infections or even more severe conditions if the correct safety protocols are not followed.  This risk is very high when procedure is performed by technicians or inexperienced doctors. 

You are advised to ask relevant questions and see the written safety protocols at the clinic. 

Please see the procedure room and ask yourself if you feel confident about the safety protocols. 

6) Would you go for a hair transplant without a proper evaluation of your alopecia?

The answer is obviously No.  There are 10 kinds of alopecia. Unless a proper diagnosis is carried out, the correct treatment cannot be recommended. Many clinics recommend hair transplants without doing a proper diagnosis. They also may not conduct a mathematical count of the donor and recipient areas to give a correct assessment of the hair transplant requirement and feasibility.  Please invest time and effort during your diagnosis and evaluate the doctor on proper diagnosis of dermatological examination, precise hair count of donor and recipient area and computerized alopecia test. This results in a comprehensive lifetime treatment plan and best results for your hair loss problem.

7) Should price play a role in your decision to choose a hair transplant clinic or doctor?

Yes of course, price is indeed a very important criteria.  But you should not choose a clinic or doctor purely on the cost.  Many doctors can reduce their costs significantly, by reusing the instruments, compromising on safety standards, using technicians to do the procedures etc.  Quality and Safety comes at a price. This is your investment in your safety and great looking results for life. 
So, choose wisely!

Why Choose DHITM Technique for Hair Transplants Procedure?

The DHITM technique and its benefits are exclusive to DHI International Medical Group. Although some clinics claim to use the DHITM technique, only DHI-authorized clinics offer these features.

DHI has received numerous awards and accreditations. It is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by IMRB, with a satisfaction rate of over 99%. We offer hair restoration services for men and women at all stages of hair loss, including high growth factor PRP/GFC therapies, Activa Regenera treatment, hair transplants, and high-quality natural human hair cosmetic patches. Our hair loss treatment products and nutraceuticals have the highest-grade active ingredients and can be purchased online.

All procedures are performed by DHI doctors trained and certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy, focusing solely on hair restoration with strict quality control. Procedures adhere to UK Care Quality Commission and ISO standards, ensuring the world’s safest hair transplant procedure in a sterile environment.

Our patented implanter provides perfect control over angle, depth, and direction, using the highest-quality imported instruments discarded after each procedure. With a one-step implantation process, we ensure minimal graft handling and the highest graft survival rate of over 90%, compared to 50-90% in other clinics. No stitches, pain, scarring, or downtime – return to work the next day.

Achieve strong density in a session compared to other techniques like FUE and FUT. The DHI technique guarantees perfectly natural results; no one will know you had a transplant unless you tell them.

DHI is the world’s largest hair restoration medical group, with over 53 years of research, innovation, and education in hair restoration. With 75 clinics in 45 countries and over 500,000 satisfied customers, top celebrities from entertainment, sports, business, and politics trust DHI for their hair restoration.

Our results are fantastic! Check out our results and customer feedback.

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