hair transplant journey of a patient

DHI Patient’s Hair Transplant Journey

In this video, DHI patient Raj talks about his experience with DHI and how his hair transplant boosted his confidence. Watch this video to know more. DHI Medical Group is the global leader in diagnosing, preventing and treating hair loss. Driven by a passion for innovation, transparency, and education, DHI Global Medical Group, has been…


mr ajay hair transplant

DHI CEO Undergoes DHI Hair Transplant

Mr. Ajay Bansal, CEO of the world’s largest multinational hair transplant and restoration company—DHI International—underwent a hair transplant using the DHI technique. He got 3,352 hairs in just one session. See the results in this video. Performing hair transplants is not taught in any medical college or school, and surgeons have to understand its steps from their…


minimal graft handling

DHI’s Graft Handling Protocols

At DHI, hair grafts are handled with extra care. They are stored at -4 degree Celsius in a graft preservation solution for less than 4 hours. Watch this video to learn more about DHI’s key graft handling protocols. If a clinic or a hair transplant surgeon tells you that 2500 hairs were implanted on your…


DHI India vs Dr. Manoj Khana Enhance Clinics

Client’s Feedback on Her Experience at DHI

Email from our client comparing DHI with Enhance Clinics Email Text Dear Doctor Rashmi, The Experience I had in DHI Kolkata was awesome. As you know earlier I had undergone a strip surgery at Dr. Manoj Khanna’s place and was dissatisfied with the outcome. I am listing some comparisons between the plantations I had with…