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Beard Transplant in Lucknow — DHI India

Beard – traditionally a symbol of manhood and masculinity has become a culture today. If you're fascinated with this culture and don't have a beard, visit DHI India Clinics, a global leader in restoring facial hair. DHI technique is renowned for providing the world's most refined hair implantation technique - Direct Hair Implantation™, and our certified surgeons only perform the end-to-end procedure at the DHI clinic for beard transplants in Lucknow.

With over five decades of experience, we have become a pioneer in facial hair and beard transplant in Lucknow. Our minimally invasive procedure ensures painless and scar-free treatment for beard transplants in Lucknow. We perform the procedure keeping in mind the density, thickness, and natural-looking results for facial hair. We have created more than 10,000 success stories of beard transplants in Lucknow, including prominent stars and celebrities. Our award-winning beard transplant in Lucknow promises an everyday life as one can shave and style their beard as usual as natural facial hair.

How does the procedure work?

DHI – Direct Hair Implantation is an award-winning procedure for hair and beard restoration. It is the world's most refined minimally invasive technique with no downtime and promises natural-looking results after the procedure. We emphasize the following steps to ensure precision in beard transplants in Lucknow. Facial aesthetics play a crucial role in ensuring perfect-looking beard growth. Our experienced surgeons begin with designing the beard area according to the face shape and requirements of the patient. It is an essential step in which we extract single hair for implantation from the donor area (mainly from the back of the scalp).

The extracted hair is placed in the tray then implantation planning after extraction and the patients can take a picture of their grafts for transparency. Each person has a different density and thickness of hair. These characteristics determine the number of hair follicles that are required for natural-looking results. The follicles are extracted from the back of the scalp and implanted into the pre-defined area of the face with help of advanced instruments which give control over the angle, depth, and direction of the hair, delivering natural-looking results. The procedure is very simple for a few hours.

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Post-procedure precautions

Though the beard transplant procedure at DHI Lucknow clinic has no downtime, it still requires care until the new hair grows on the face. Every patient will experience temporary shedding of the newly implanted hair, and the regrowth of natural hair will start once the shedding phase ends.

Who needs a beard transplant?

Being one of the most effective methods, beard transplant in Lucknow is preferred for several reasons. Hair loss is a prevalent condition in today's modern world: hair shedding from the scalp, face, or body. Patients who suffer from alopecia, skin infection, or a genetic history of low facial growth can undergo a facial hair transplant in Lucknow. Furthermore, we at DHI recommend facial hair restoration treatment to men who lack proper or dense growth on the face. We also advise men to undergo a beard transplant procedure in Lucknow, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Kochi, Calicut, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Coimbatore to treat patchy or uneven beards or close to no beard growth.

If you have healthy hair on the scalp but lack facial hair growth, then DHI is the best and permanent solution to your problem. It not only helps in providing natural results but also helps in boosting confidence and making you the center of attention in social gatherings.

What is the beard transplant cost in Lucknow?

Undergoing beard transplant treatment in Lucknow is not an easy decision. It requires not only financial readiness but also mental strength to achieve desired results. Considering the cost of the treatment, it is determined according to the number of hair follicles transplanted on the facial area.

The surgeon first does a UDSA- unique diagnosis alopecia test in consultation with the case properly to determine the treatment plan and cost, which includes an understanding of hair density on the donor area (scale), growth pattern, and skin allergy. However, if the hair on the scalp is not healthy, DHI surgeons always offer alternatives for follicles extraction. If you're looking to undergo a beard transplant in Lucknow, book your appointment and consult our surgeons. Also, it is always recommended to know about payment procedures as beard transplant in Lucknow is a cosmetic procedure that is not covered under medical insurance policies.

Why choose DHI for facial hair transplant in Lucknow?

We are a global leader in advanced hair restoration treatments. Established in 1970, we have gained massive popularity across the globe and have become one of the most sought-after clinics for beard transplants in Lucknow. Over the past five decades, we have pioneered innovation and delivered the most effective hair transplant procedures that can be completed within 4 to 5 hours with no downtime.

Unlike the traditional method of hair transplantation, our award-winning technique – Direct Hair Implantation™ is performed only by DHI-certified and trained surgeons, NO assistants touch the patients at DHI. We use single-use titanium quoted instruments and advanced devices to ensure precision and control over density.

DHI is a renowned name across industries, including Bollywood, sports, and politics. We have performed the procedure on many famous Indian and International celebrities, including Govinda, RJ Sindharth Kanan, Rohit Roy, prominent hockey players, cricketers, and others.

Beard Transplant Before & After Result

beard transplant delhi clinic client before after image
beard transplant client before after image
beard transplant clinic delhi client before after image
beard transplant delhi client before after image

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FAQs related to Beard Transplant:

  • What is the success rate of beard transplants in Lucknow?

    Compared to the industry's average success rate, which is 50%, the DHI method has a 90% graft survival rate. It simply means we take care of the life of your extracted follicles with utmost precision and care. This ensures maximized growth and 100% natural-looking results.

  • What precautions do I need to take before undergoing the DHI procedure?

    The treatment varies from case to case. A person undergoing a beard transplant in Lucknow should always speak to our DHI surgeon about any disorder, medication they regularly consume and avoid smoking and drinking five days before the procedure to avoid any allergic reaction.

  • What precautionary measures will I have to take post the procedure?

    It usually takes 3 to 4 months to experience new hair growth after the procedure. After the procedure, keeping the donor and transplanted area clean to avoid skin infections is necessary. Our surgeons prescribe medications that need to be taken as advised, and one should always avoid scratching the donor and transplanted area.

  • How safe is the method of DHI for beard transplant in Lucknow?

    DHI is known for providing the most effective and safest facial hair transplant in Lucknow. It uses advanced instruments and techniques to perform the procedure. It is minimally invasive, painless, and scar-free.

  • How can I know the beard transplant cost in Lucknow?

    To know the beard transplant cost in Lucknow, you need to book an appointment with our hair experts, who will determine the number of follicles required to be transplanted and examine your case thoroughly.

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