DHI revolutionised in the hair transplant industry by pioneering FUE in 2002.

While FUE was a superior method of extracting hair, there was a lack of a standardized system on how to implant hair. In 2005 DHI Global Medical Group developed the Direct Hair Implantation technique. This was the first time we laid out protocols on how to implant hair. It is implantation which includes precision in (direction, angle and depth) and guarantees natural results.



  • Instruments measuring 0.7mm onwards in diameter are used
  • The follicles are extracted and placed with no prior handling under the microscope
  • No slits or holes are made prior to the implantation. Each follicle is implanted directly with the DHI patented implanter
  • Direction, angle and depth are totally controlled, thus providing high survival rate and a 100% natural and safe result.
  • There is no need to shave your head
  • The cost is 20 percent higher than FUE
  • 100%of the procedure from start to finish is performed by DHI doctors


  • Hair follicles are divided after extraction under the micrscope, thus prolonging the tume before implantation,increasing the damage fator and adding human error.
  • Slits or holes are performed prior to the implantation
  • Hair follicles are often implanted in the slits or hoes by a nurse or assistants and only soometimes by the doctor using forceps
  • Direction, angle and depth difficult to maintain
  • On a positive not, the cost is 20 percent less that direct technique
  • Mostly this procedure is performend by assistants.