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Why DHI hair transplant treatment is premium?

DHI Hair Transplant Versus Other Hair Transplant Technique

We hear that a lot of patients feel that hair transplant treatment from the DHITM – Direct hair implantation technique is expensive and there are good reasons why we are more premium than other clinics. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure and therefore you must research very carefully and understand all the pros and cons of your choices before you decide.  Please see below, the obvious questions you must ask before choosing a hair transplant clinic or surgeon. Do take out a few minutes to read this carefully as it involves your safety, look & emotional well-being.

Q1. Who will perform the procedure?

In most clinics, procedures are performed by technicians who may or may not have any medical training. The doctor who books your session mostly acts as a salesman and would be present in the procedure room only for a few minutes to give you the impression that procedures are being performed by him, or under his supervision. The bigger the doctor, the more you face this problem, as senior doctors don’t like to do laborious procedures. 

At DHI, the entire procedure, end to end, is performed by qualified surgeons who have been extensively trained in the science & art of hair transplants and have gained tremendous experience even before touching their first hair transplant patient independently.

DHI Versus Other Clinics at Hair Transplant Procedure Room

Q2. What safety and Quality Assurance protocols are followed by the clinics?

A hair transplant is a virtually risk-free procedure as it is minimally invasive. However, due to old-fashioned techniques followed by some clinics and the absence of any medical/safety protocols in writing, even this relatively harmless procedure can become dangerous. The doctors and assistances in many clinics are not properly trained on the use of local anaesthesia, durations of procedure, managing contraindications, and all this can be risky at times for the patients.

Every clinic of DHI follows very strict safety and medical protocols as per standard operating procedures running into hundreds of pages. These SOPs are accredited by UK’s Care Quality Commission which sets the patient safety standards in London.  At DHI, every procedure goes through a quality assurance check by Medical Director.

In most clinics, the instruments for hair transplants are reused after sterilization. This creates uncertainty about the sterile nature of the instruments since you are dependent on the perfection of the sterilization process.  This can lead to complications including serious infections. At DHI all the instruments (excluding tools) are single-use only.

Q3. Will I get what I paid for?  Will I get guaranteed natural results with the number of hairs promised?

You may be surprised to know that the industry average for graft survival is only 50%, as against the DHI techniques verified 90% (10% of hairs are always in the anagen phase). There are several reasons for this.  Most clinics do not implant the number of hairs that they promised, and it is impossible to verify this. The clinic typically stores the extracted hair in a heap as shown in the picture below which makes it impossible for you to count the number of hairs, as opposed to DHI where every single graft is neatly placed in a tray and the number of grafts can be mathematically verified. Please see the picture below.

DHI Versus other Technique Graft Tray Protocols

The extracted hair needs to be properly hydrated with a special solution when they are out of the body, for its survival. Since the extracted grafts are kept in a heap by other clinics most of these grafts are not hydrated properly and therefore do not survive even before they are implanted. At DHI each graft is laid separately in a tray and properly hydrated. Keeping the grafts in a heap makes it impossible to plan a proper aesthetic distribution of grafts, leading to unnatural results.

The implantations in almost all the clinics are done by using the old slit & insert method which is a two-step procedure and the surgeon does not have control over the angle, depth, and direction of the implanted hairs.  At DHI we follow a one-step direct implantation technique with DHI’s implanters, which allows perfect control of the angle, depth, and direction of implanted hairs giving completely natural and beautiful results every single time. DHI holds patents in the US and European Union for implanter design and Direct Implantation Techniques.

DHI versus other technique Hair Transplant Results Pictures

While thinking of the cost please consider the impact of 50% v/s 100% growth.  Even if you pay half at other clinics, the ultimate cost to you is much higher for a sub-standard service and result. 

Q4. Is the procedure painless? How fast can I get back to work?

You can get back to work almost the same day after the DHI hair transplant, provided there is no strenuous physical activity involved. Please see below typical pictures of extraction and implantation immediately after the DHI procedure.

Why DHI technique is no scar technique

At other clinics, even though they follow the FUE technique for extraction, unfortunately, the typical result looks like this, and recovery can take days.

Other Technique Hair Transplant Scar Image

Please consider whether is it worth it to compromise your safety and result in some financial consideration. 

A Hair Transplant doesn’t come at a small cost; there are no two ways. If you want to invest in hair transplants in India, cost should not be the first thing to consider. it’s always better to consider all the factors mentioned above and book a consultation before deciding on any clinic. It will allow you to understand more about the clinic’s infrastructure, hygiene & safety protocols, and surgeon’s experience. Always remember, since a hair transplant is a one-time investment and safety is involved, choosing a clinic with the best surgeons and services would be the ideal deal. And at DHI you will get the best possible Hair Restoration solution available in India. We will be happy to invite you for a consultation to discuss the above factors and to discuss pricing. Please do call us on 1800 103 9300 to fix an appointment or book your consultation now.

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