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What is the perfect hair transplant result in a few months?

What is the Hair Transplant Cost

A hair transplant is the most effective and successful treatment for people struggling with hair loss. DHI hair transplant procedure has helped thousands of people to achieve the perfect hair transplant results in just a few months. The success rate of hair transplants can be judged by the before and after images of the people. At DHI India, it’s our primary goal to meet people’s expectations and help them achieve the perfect and 100% natural hair transplant result in just a few months.

How to achieve a perfect hair transplant result in a few months?

To achieve perfect results from a hair transplant, pay attention to a few important factors before and after the procedure, where selecting the right hair transplant clinic plays a major role. It is also important to compare the hair transplant technique and results of patients versus comparing the hair transplantation cost offered by different clinics. DHI India clinics are the best hair transplant clinic in India and can be a good choice for your hair transplant procedure. Before finalizing the clinic, you must check who will perform the procedure. If your surgeon is experienced and has proper knowledge of this industry, the chance of getting the perfect results from a hair transplant will increase. Also, select the right hair transplant technique for yourself. An experienced surgeon can assist you throughout your hair transplant journey and can help you choose the best technique. DHI India has explained the most important factors for achieving perfect hair transplant results:

  • Select the right clinic: The first step in getting the perfect hair transplant results in a few months is selecting the right clinic. Here, consider factors like the clinic’s physical condition, emergency equipment, advanced technology, the transplant performing, safety and hygiene protocols, and sterile structure. Always read ratings and reviews of the clinics to understand the experience of past patients. Lastly, never neglect the qualification and specialization of the doctors, as they play a major role in defining the success rate of the surgery.
  • Check Reviews: It is always useful to read comments, ratings, and reviews about a hair transplant clinic, doctor, and technique. If the ratio of positive responses is good, you can select the clinic. It is a great support in the decision-making process. DHI India has treated over 300,000 people and helped them achieve the perfect hair transplant results in a few months. The client portfolio is very decent. It would be DHI’s pleasure to help you achieve the desired results.
  • Research the surgery and ask questions: It is very important to have in-depth knowledge about the surgery before moving forward with it. A Hair Transplant is a simple procedure that helps people to get their hair back. The hair transplant procedure can be performed using FUE, FUT, and the most advanced DHI techniques. You must know what these are, their procedures, and what to expect from them. Based on that, you can make a selection for yourself. And if you are confused at any point, consult the clinic or doctor and ask questions. DHI Clinics offers 50% OFF on consultations fee if you book online, where the candidate can ask any kind of questions related to surgery and get sure about the procedure. DHI doctors will guide you through everything.
  • Consider before and after result photos: Most clinics share their patient’s before and after result photos. You must check them out to know what to expect. Have a look at the before and after images of DHI Patients to understand what you can expect here.
Hair Transplant Before After Results
Hair Transplant Before After Results
Hair Transplant Before After Pictures
Hair Transplant Before After Pictures
Hair Transplant Before After Pictures
Hair Transplant Before After Pictures

Lastly, never forget that the perfect result from a hair transplant depends on your health and how carefully you follow the aftercare instructions offered by the doctor and the clinic. Every person is different, and they have different expectations of hair transplant procedures. If the same procedure is performed on everyone, the results might not be desirable. At DHI, trained and certified doctors design a personalized hair transplant plan for everyone while focusing on the person’s health, desired results, donor area, and the area to be treated. The DHI hair transplant is a patent procedure where the steps remain the same. However, the surgeons can make a customized plan where the number of grafts for transplantation to suit the expectation is different.

Before moving forward with the extraction and implantation phase, the patient has to undergo the Unique Diagnostic System for Alopecia (UDSA). It is a sophisticated diagnostic system for hair loss, where the patient undergoes a dermatological examination, psychological examination, mathematical examination, and DHI alopecia test. Based on test results, the right treatment is suggested by the surgeon.

Most clinics globally don’t offer a scalp diagnosis, which can be very risky. So, whenever you are selecting a hair transplant and don’t want to risk your appearance, always check whether the clinic or doctor offers a diagnosis.

What is the most successful hair transplant procedure?

A successful hair transplant procedure is one performed on a suitable person, following the right method, and by the best surgeons. DHI India will guide you throughout the hair transplant journey and help you make better choices.  

After hair transplant surgery, the scalp is very tender and requires extra care. Not following proper aftercare instructions can impact the results. DHI doctors suggest a list of instructions and medications to each person after the surgery to make the recovery smooth. The person has to take medications and follow the instructions as prescribed by the hair transplant surgeon. The treated area must be kept covered, and the person may also take the antibiotic or anti-inflammatory drug for a specific period again as suggested by the surgeon. After 2-5 days of the surgery, the candidate can return to his work.

The person will also be required to see a DHI surgeon for a post-surgery examination. Here, the DHI doctor will examine the implanted hair and check its growth. After discussing the growth and feedback, the surgeon will give a list of new instructions. Within 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery, the transplanted hair will fall out. However, it is a part of the natural process. The person will notice the new hair growth within a few months.

Generally, 6 to 9 months post the transplant surgery, the transplanted hair continues to grow thicker and longer, and the person can style them accordingly. And after 9 to 18 months of the surgery, the transplanted hair will achieve natural growth, and it will be impossible to identify the difference between the transplanted and natural hair.

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