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Minoxidil For Regrowing Hair- Does It Work?

Minoxidil For Hair Growth

Have you been wondering about what Minoxidil is and how it functions? Hair loss and Minoxidil are interconnected as the second is considered the most common medical aid for hair loss prevention. In fact, Minoxidil hair growth is a proven and prevalent way to restore hair health in the best manner.  

Every individual encountering hair fall at a young age heads to the clinic after several failed attempts at hair regrowth using natural remedies. In most cases, doctors prescribe required doses of Minoxidil to them to handle their hair fall issues. 

But why is Minoxidil so popular? Does it genuinely help patients with heavy hair fall issues? Some people also remain doubtful about whether they will encounter negative side effects after using Minoxidil for hair regrowth.  The detailed blog contains the appropriate answers to all your questions related to Minoxidil hair growth. 

Will Minoxidil Help Regrow My Hair?

A large percentage of people with hair fall problems are suggested using Minoxidil by their doctors and there are solid reasons behind that. Minoxidil acts as a vasodilator to ensure hair regrowth by stimulating hair follicles and the medical drug offers stunning results within a stipulated time span. 

If you can’t wait to watch new hair strands grow all over your head, using Minoxidil is highly recommended for you. Scientists and hair fall experts estimate Minoxidil to be almost 60% effective in terms of hair loss prevention and hair regrowth. The drug is reported to offer both benefits simultaneously. 

However, there’s a catch in Minoxidil’s supremacy. If you’re assuming to achieve permanent hair regrowth by consuming Minoxidil for a certain span, that’s not going to happen. Doctors usually recommend continuing Minoxidil consumption even after you start witnessing positive results. That’s going to be helpful for you in the long run. 

How Does Minoxidil Work?

Inactive hair follicles are considered responsible for lesser hair density. Also, smaller hair follicles are found to be the main factor behind hereditary hair loss. As an adult grows older, the hair follicles on his scalp start becoming smaller and smaller, causing severe hair loss. 

The existing users of Minoxidil have shared overwhelming responses about Minoxidil hair growth. They reported that they achieved better hair volume and faster hair regrowth after consuming the over-the-counter drug. We have to understand Minoxidil’s function from a scientific viewpoint to understand why it is so prompt in delivering expected results. 

First of all, Minoxidil purports to enlarge your hair follicles and nourish them. The drug combines effective chemicals that enlarge smaller hair follicles so that stronger hair strands grow easily. In the growth phase, the root of a hair strand requires enough room, which is clearly not available if you have smaller hair follicles. 

Consuming Minoxidil expands your hair follicles to some extent and larger hair follicles support stronger hair strands. 

Minoxidil is a vasodilator and its core function is to dilate blood vessels. It speeds up and smoothens the blood flow through your blood vessels due to that reason. As a result, more blood reaches your scalp cells and these cells remain nourished. 

In addition to these, the compounds present in Minoxidil supercharge hair follicle movement to make your follicles enter the growth phase faster. Also, the drug keeps strengthening hair strands throughout the growth phase. 

Apart from that, consuming Minoxidil increases the duration of the growth phase of each hair strand. That’s what helps enhance the overall volume of your hair. In simple words, Minoxidil supports natural hair regrowth in every possible way and that’s why the drug is vastly prescribed by dermatologists and hair loss experts across the world. 

Minoxidil Before and After

You will be able to spot the visible differences between the pictures taken before and after consuming Minoxidil. The drug thickens your hair strands, nourishes the follicles, and increases hair density. Your hairlines will get back to their normal conditions as you start consuming this awesome drug. 

Taking Minoxidil before and after pictures will help you spot the changes accurately. There won’t be any gaps between your hair strands after consuming Minoxidil and your hairlines won’t be prominently visible. Also, your head will be full of newly generated hair strands after consuming the drug. 

How To Regrow Your Hair With Minoxidil 5% or 2% Topical Solutions?

Topical Minoxidil for hair is available in different compositions and you need to be extra cautious while selecting the proper dosage of the Minoxidil hair growth solution. Generally, the 5% solution of Minoxidil is prescribed to men, and the 2% Minoxidil topical solution is prescribed to women. However, some women with severe hair loss issues may need to use the 5% solution too. 

First, you must remember not to try using Minoxidil on your own. Scientists repeatedly emphasize that Minoxidil is not for everyone and the drug may not work for some individuals. It’s essential to have a medical professional inspect the condition of your scalp before you use the Minoxidil topical solution. 

Even if your doctor prescribes the solution, you should enquire about the using method properly. It’s important to use the topical solution exactly how you’re instructed to. 

Regardless of the Minoxidil dosage, the topical solution needs to be applied on a dry scalp in order to get the best possible results. Applying the topical solution to a wet scalp may dilute the properties present in it and the results may not be impressive. 

After you apply the 5% or 2% of the Minoxidil hair growth solution on the dry scalp, massage your scalp softly to get the best results. Also, you need to let your scalp dry for a while after applying the topical solution. The drying process may take up to 4 hours and you should style your hair only after your scalp becomes dry again. 

These are the general instructions provided by haircare experts and medical professionals when they prescribe the Minoxidil hair growth solution to patients with hair loss issues. A healthcare provider will be able to suggest more specific instructions based on the condition of your scalp so that you can get the best effects. 

Final Words

If you have been considering using Minoxidil for hair regrowth, you must have found this blog very helpful. We aimed at making this blog as informative as we can. We hope that all the necessary information related to Minoxidil hair regrowth is there in this one. 

Never try applying topical Minoxidil solutions on your scalp without a medical recommendation. Also, some people may encounter certain side effects after using Minoxidil topical solutions and they must inform their healthcare provider of the same. Minoxidil is an impactful weapon to fight hair loss issues and this drug can reverse your hair loss problem if used properly. So, keep all the information provided in this blog about Minoxidil in your head and use the drug wisely to get the best effects.

This content is written by DHI Content team and medically reviewed by Dr. Kuntal Deb Barma

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