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How to Regrow Hair on Bald Spot Fast?

Will I lose Hair After Hair Transplant Treatment

how to regrow hair on bald spot fast’ is one of the most-Googled terms. Millions of bald individuals use this term to search for quick remedies for bald patches. 

The American Hair Loss Association states that a significant percentage of young men encounter bald patches in their 20s. According to these statistics, nearly 25% of global men start suffering from bald patches before the age of 27. 

As a result, the search for how to regrow hair on bald spots fast is trending. This insightful blog is going to help get the information you’re seeking. We are about to explain all the medical and surgical measures available to help you and similar victims get rid of bald patches at a young age. 

Medical Treatments for Regrowing Hair on a Bald Spot?

No need to panic if you’re looking for a definite answer to how to grow hair on a bald head. Medical sciences have advanced enough to regrow hair on bald spots. 

Bald spots can be an early sign of underlying medical conditions sometimes. A medical diagnosis or hair loss treatment consultation is a mandate before initiating any treatment for a bald spot. 

Certain blood tests generally suffice while diagnosing the root cause behind bald spots. However, your doctor may order a scalp biopsy for a more accurate diagnosis. Based on the underlying cause of the appearance of bald spots on your head, the treatment procedure will continue. 


Alopecia Areata is a chronic condition and the most vital reason behind early baldness. This condition may be the underlying factor behind your bald patches. 

In this situation, your immune system attacks your hair follicles and causes inflammation which eventually leads to hair fall. Corticosteroids reduce the inflammation of your hair follicles and scalp tissues to prevent hair loss. 


This is an add-on treatment to intensify the effects of Corticosteroids. However, it’s not completely harmless in nature and has certain side effects. That’s why its usage is restricted and you can’t use it without a doctor’s recommendation. 


It’s also a potent treatment for bald patches and it triggers unbelievable hair growth over time. Also, it’s not a gender-specific treatment option and both men and women can opt for this treatment. 


Anthralin is also a popular medical aid for bald patches. Those who are looking for a proper answer to how to stimulate hair growth in a bald spot should try Anthralin once. Its contribution to hair growth stimulation is unmatchable as it manages to shift away the T-lymphocyte inflammation from your hair follicles. 

These are the most common steroids and medical drugs to regrow hair on bald spots. There are plenty of other steroids and drugs that are prescribed by doctors to treat early baldness. 

Surgical Treatments for Regrowing Hair on a Bald Spot?

Every doctor prefers going for non-invasive treatments first while treating early baldness and bald patches. If none of the aforementioned treatments and remedies seem to work, surgical treatments become inevitable. 

If you don’t know how to regrow hair on bald spots fast when natural remedies don’t work, you must go through this section. 

Hair Transplant

Though hair transplantation is costlier than the aforementioned options, it’s the last hope when nothing else works. As humans have different hairy portions, the hair follicles of a portion with healthy hair growth are extracted and they’re implanted in your scalp in hair transplantation. 

It’s an efficient surgery for hair revival and a substantial percentage of bald men across the world go for it with doctors’ recommendations. 

Laser Therapy

If you don’t know how to grow hair in a bald area, you should know about this option too. Though not effective for every individual, laser therapy is often recommended by doctors due to its follicle-stimulating benefits.

DHI Laser Cap Treatment

Natural Treatments for Regrowing Hair on a Bald Spot

The beneficial properties of natural elements are undeniable. Plenty of antioxidant-rich natural elements have been in use for scalp treatment for ages. Natural elements like Aloe Vera and Onion Juice have unique properties to ensure hair growth in bald areas. 

Rosemary Oil

It’s an essential oil rich in effective antimicrobial properties to prevent scalp itchiness and dandruff. This is an excellent hair-thickening natural substance. 

Aloe Vera

Strengthening and nourishing hair follicles is the first step to hair regeneration and that’s where Aloe Vera gel comes to use. Abundant amounts of vitamins and antioxidants are present in it to support better hair growth. 

Coconut Oil

If you’re not fond of sticky oils, nutrient-rich coconut oil can be your pick to regrow hair. Protein loss is identified as a significant reason behind bald patches. Applying coconut oil daily on your scalp also strengthens your hair shafts naturally, decreasing the chances of early hair loss. 

Olive Oil

Being a rich source of Vitamin E, this natural oil is a strong hair-strengthening agent. Apart from that, it’s highly favorable for your overall scalp health. That’s why people are utilizing this effective oil for hair loss treatment for decades and centuries. 

Shift To a Healthier Diet

Protein inadequacy and nutrient deficiency are the prime reasons behind bald patches and early baldness. It’s quintessential to follow a dietary regimen that supplies all the necessary macros and micronutrients to your body. Many people in the early stages of baldness could reverse their conditions by bringing moderation in their dietary habits. 

Go For Hair Growth Supplements

Hair growth supplements are a quick remedy for those who don’t know how to regrow hair on bald spots fast. If you think it takes too much to make dietary changes, these supplements can provide your body with the necessary nutrients and minerals. As a result, your bald patches start disappearing very fast and you become attractive again. 

Get Scalp Massage Regularly

Improper blood flow to the scalp tissues is a crucial factor behind bald patches. Massaging stimulates your scalp cells and ensures better blood supply to your scalp tissues. Due to that, your hair follicles keep getting stronger and your hair becomes thicker naturally. 

How Do I Cope with a Bald Spot?

It’s always better to prioritize natural remedies before shifting to medical procedures. Most of the time, the reasons behind bald spots turn out to be trivial and they get resolved with effective natural remedies only. 

Those who are curious about how to regrow hair on bald spots fast will get some natural remedies to accomplish their purpose from this segment. 

There’s no doubt that DHI technology is the best sustainable solution for coping with bald spots. You can get shiny and thick hair back using the DHI technology. But many don’t prefer undergoing invasive treatments in the first place. They look for natural solutions that can help them improve their scalp conditions.

The Takeaway

Bald patches appearing on your crown at an early age are unfortunate indeed, but you needn’t carry the embarrassment for the rest of your life. To help you, this blog has presented a clear picture of whether hair revival is possible or not. Seeking timely treatment can restore your hair health within a few weeks or so. 

We have elaborated on all the available treatment options for hair regrowth to give hope to individuals with bald patches. So, don’t give up on the dream of looking handsome again. Put the knowledge acquired from this blog to work and seek medical help as soon as possible! 

Why Choose the DHI Technology?

Sustainable results can be acknowledged as the key reason behind the supremacy of DHI hair transplant technology. Nearly 97% of the grafts implanted using the DHI technology manage to survive, and the percentage is quite wonderful because the industry average is just 50%. 

Both the DHI implanter and punch are highly efficient tools used by DHI surgeons to complete hair implantation seamlessly. Also, the DHI authority is there to offer world-class post-implant care, which is not usually available with plenty of hair transplant services. 

Moreover, it’s possible to implant grafts in whichever direction you want because the DHI implant offers a compact grip. Also, the DHI technology is the only one to come up with a 99% customer satisfaction rate, which is stunning too. So, there’s no reason to go for other implantation techniques when DHI is there for you.

This content is written and reviewed by Dr. Dinesh Bhoye and Dr. Mohammed Altamash Zubair.

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