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Importance of advanced implanters in DHI Hair Transplant Procedures

advanced hair implanter

At DHI clinics, we use single-use disposable punches and needles for every session. These instruments are destroyed after the procedures in front of the patients according to the DHI protocols.

The Hair Transplant or Hair Transplantation is a very simple cosmetic procedure where hair follicles from the donor area, mainly from the backside of the scalp are extracted and then implanted into the bald area done under strict safety protocols. 
Hair loss is widespread nowadays in both men and women, and it could happen due to any reason, like genetics, stress, usage of salty water, wounds, lifestyle changes, and environmental factors. And hair transplant is the most trusted way to get that lost hair back.
There are many techniques to perform a hair transplant or implantation procedure, but the most advanced technology that offers 100% guaranteed results is DHITM (Direct Hair Implantation).

While doing the hair transplant procedure with the help of the DHI technique, the hair roots are placed inside the advanced DHI Implanters and then directly implanted in the bald area. The advanced implanter ensures the hair’s right angle, depth, and direction and provides a normal and natural look. Unlike other hair implantation procedures, it is a two-stage procedure that is important for improving the quality of implanted hair, providing a denser look, and ensuring quick outcomes.

The Advanced implanter is a unique tool used in hair transplantation procedures that makes the surgery smooth and successful. These tools are used to implant the hair follicles into the recipient area after getting extracted from the donor site. It precisely takes hair roots from the donor site and implants them directly into the scalp. This tool makes the DHI hair transplantation procedure one of the most premium procedures that get your hair back.

What is an Advanced implanter in DHI hair implantation?

Advanced implanter has a hollow needle at its tip that holds the hair graft and makes it easier to implant into the scalp. The same procedure is repeated for each graft by DHI surgeons till they get the desired density. The most significant benefit of using an Advanced implanter is that it has made handling the grafts easier. It also makes the process faster and offers an accurate angle, depth, and direction for hair transplants.
Additionally, in the standard hair transplant methods, the canal opening process cuts canal required in the recipient area were performed. The involvement of the Advanced implanter has made injecting grafts directly into the recipient area easier and decreases trauma, blood loss, and pain.

Let’s understand the benefits of using Advanced implanter in-depth:

  • Ease Implantation between existing hair: The DHI implanter makes graft implantation between existing hair easier. It is a precise tool that effortlessly holds the graft and implants it in the recipient area while removing the requirement of the shaving head.
  • Accurate angle and depth for hair transplant: Implanter Advanced implanter allows surgeons to implant grafts at a certain angle while recreating the natural direction. It helps get the most accurate depth and natural results.
  • Higher Density: DHITM Direct hair implantation doesn’t require creating an additional implantation channel by the surgeon. The grafts are directly injected into the scalp tissues through an Advanced implanter, avoiding additional tearing. It ensures the safe placement of many grafts for high density in DHI hair transplants.

Additionally, the advanced implanter increases the grafts’ survival rate, minimizes damage to the surrounding tissues, and offers quick recovery. DHI implanters have no side effects; they can provide excellent results if professionals appropriately use these tools.

How does DHI Hair Transplant work?

Step 1: DHI surgeons inject local anesthesia to the donor area and then extract grafts required for hair transplant. It is done using a DHI extractor.

Step 2: The trained technician separates the one, two, and three hairs from grafts and loads them into the Advanced implanter needle with the help of forceps to ensure accurate direction, angle, and depth for the hair transplant. It helps give natural results.

Step 3: Then, the DHI surgeon carefully implanted the hair follicles into the recipient area using an Advanced implanter to get the best results. To use DHI implanters, the surgeon first places the hair graft into the needle using forceps and then inserts the needle into the scalp. The implanters are available in various sizes to fit single, double, or triple hair grafts units at once. The selection of the tools is made based on the type of hair loss. It makes the DHI hair implantation process faster to perform.

What is the DHI Hair Transplant Procedure Recovery Time?

DHI Hair Transplant recovery time is comparatively short. The patient is discharged on the same day entirely based on the patient’s requirement, and s/he can perform his day-to-day activities after two days. The DHI implanters don’t harm the scalp and make the procedure painless. However, the patient is still suggested to follow appropriate precautions indicated by the surgeon for a decided period to achieve natural results.

Who is the suitable candidate for DHI hair implantation?

The candidate should have healthy donor hair to undergo a DHI hair transplantation as it promotes more robust follicle growth after being implanted and offers natural results. This treatment is appropriate for anyone who wants denser eyebrows, beards, mustaches, or front hairlines.

Additionally, the general surgery will depend on the health condition of the candidate. Therefore, it is essential to book a consultation before deciding whether you are a suitable candidate for the DHI hair transplant procedure or not. DHI expert surgeons will understand your health condition and reason for hair loss and suggest the best treatment plan. It will also help our surgeons decide how much hair is required for implantation that gives a dense look, and depending on that, the cost of the hair transplantation procedure will be decided. So, always book a consultation before deciding on the hair transplant procedure.

Final Words:  At DHI India, the DHI direct hair implantation technique is performed while following strict protocols by only highly trained medical doctors trained and certified by LHRTA to ensure 100% safety, above 97% grafts viability rate, and gives natural results. The Advanced implanter makes the implantation process easier and painless and offers natural results and growth for a lifetime.

Put your trust in the safest and best Direct Hair Implantation technique at DHI’s best hair transplant clinics performed using Advanced implanters and give you a chance to regain your hair, hairline, and happiness.

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