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Brentford Footballer Richard Lee Blogs About His Trip to DHI’s VIP Clinic in Athens

Richard Lee

Brentford goalkeeper Richard Lee blogged recently about his visit to DHI in Athens for a second advanced hair restoration procedure. Due to the advanced, innovative procedures at DHI, Mr Lee was able to be in and out in the same day: “Despite very little time off, I did get the chance to make an excursion to Greece in order to have 4,200 new hairs put into my head,” blogged Lee.  ”Yes that’s right, I went for a ‘Rooney’. Similar to (Wayne) Rooney this was the second time I’ve had the procedure and I must say it really is quite extraordinary how it’s done.”

Thanks to advanced techniques which do not require incisions or sutures, DHI’s groundbreaking technology allows busy professionals and athletes like Richard Lee to get right back to their lives after a procedure without any down-time .

Mr Lee to shared his personal story on his blog: “You remain wide awake the whole time but it’s completely pain-free thanks to local anaesthesia. The beauty of this treatment opposed to the ‘strip’ method which is still the more popular option, is that there is no scarring whatsoever – it is just redistribution of your current hair. With my newly implanted head of hair, I’ve recently embarked on a four-day stay at St Georges Park, the new national football facility.”

The DHI Family looks forward to seeing Richard Lee play goalkeeper with a full head of hair for many years to come, and will be looking forward to more of his blog posts!

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