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Why is India a Growing Hair Transplant Destination?

Best Hair Transplant In India

Yogesh from the USA chose to do his hair transplant in India at a DHI clinic. In a procedure lasting just a few hours, he transformed his life forever with hairs to envy!  He chose a DHI clinic in India due to their award-winning “Direct Hair Implantation” technique, which works as per “DHI Total Care System”, perfected over the past 50 years by DHI Medical Group.  Every hair transplant procedure is performed by highly skilled and trained surgeons who are best in the business.  They do the procedure end to end, and no technicians are allowed to handle patients, unlike in other clinics.  Every DHI procedure follows the comprehensive DHI protocols which are accredited with UK CQC and ISO, giving GUARANTEED NATURAL RESULTS.

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The surge of Indian hair transplant industry.

In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in becoming a prominent destination for hair transplant treatment in India, captivating individuals from around the globe seeking effective and affordable solutions. This evolution is not a coincidence but a result of various factors converging to make India a burgeoning hot spot for hair restoration. The hair transplant industry in India has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, with around 350,000 surgeries annually, making it a favoured destination for medical tourists. The Indian hair transplant market, estimated at USD 200 million in 2022, is projected to grow at a CAGR of 25% by 2029.

This comprehensive exploration aims to unravel the critical reasons behind India’s emergence as a leading hub for hair transplants, shedding light on affordability, skilled medical practitioners, cutting-edge technology, the country’s rich medical tourism infrastructure, and the distinctive contributions of DHI Medical Group, as the pioneer and leader in Hair Transplant industry in India.

Surge of India and its image

No longer is India seen as a land of snake charmers and a place infested with mosquitoes! As the fastest growing economy in the world, the country is today known for its world class infrastructure, industrious entrepreneurs, a land of start-ups, genius techies who have also captured the Silicon Valley! Similarly, Indian doctors have earned the reputation as most capable and hard-working doctors in countries like USA and US.  Today, the healthcare system in India, almost the most populous country in the world, is amongst the most reliable, attracting patients of all kinds to India.

The advent of social media has made it now possible to address the myths around India and its medical facilities through social media, positioning India as a frontrunner in reshaping the narrative around hair restoration.

Availability of skilled medical practitioners

In many developed countries like the USA, it is hard to get a slot for even emergency surgeries, for months.  This is due to non-availability of doctors, despite relatively small population in these countries.  Despite the massive population in India, there is a high availability of skilled doctors who are best in class.  DHI has amongst the best hair transplant surgeons in the world, having performed hundreds of procedures on patients of all kinds of ethnicities from around the world.   

Patient Care Standards and Cost of Procedure

Contrary to earlier beliefs, Indian medical facilities offer high standards of patient care.  However, the same cannot be said of hundreds of mushrooming hair transplant centres, which one has to wary of.  Don’t make cost as the only reason for choosing a hair transplant in India, although the cost of a high-quality hair transplant procedure can be up to 40-50% cheaper than in US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia.  Like in Turkey, India also has cheap options, and it is also possible to do a hair transplant at one-tenth the price! But beware of the safety standards in such clinics.  Cost of the procedure is directly proportionate to the safety and quality of your procedure.

At DHI, every clinic follows world’s strictest safety protocols which are also accredited with United Kingdom’s Care Quality Commission and ISO.  Though prices at DHI India are remarkably cheaper than in the western world, most of the patients coming to DHI India from other countries choose it for much higher quality rather than just lower price. 

Why Choose DHI Clinic for Your Hair Transplant Treatment?

At DHI Clinics in India, opting for a hair transplant is backed by unparalleled advantages. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the exclusive features available only at DHI clinics.

  • Top Rankings and Awards: DHI Medical Group is ranked #1 for customer satisfaction in an IMRB hair transplant industry survey. With a customer satisfaction rate exceeding 99%, we’ve earned various awards including “Best Hair Restoration Company” from Frost & Sullivan and “Customer Excellence Award” from Quantic, besides several other accolades including from global medical bodies.
  • Exceptional Results and Customer Feedback: Our results are not just good…they are awesome! Explore our outstanding outcomes and delve into the positive feedback from our satisfied customers here.
  • Expertise of DHI Trained Doctors: Every procedure at DHI Clinic is conducted by DHI doctors certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy. Our surgeons are focused solely on hair restoration and adhere to strict quality control standards.
  • Adherence to highest Standards: All procedures follow strict operating protocols accredited by the UK Care Quality Commission and ISO standards, ensuring highest quality standards.
  • Safety First: DHI Clinics perform the world’s safest hair transplant procedures in a sterile environment, adhering to comprehensive safety protocols. Procedures commence only after proper diagnosis and medical tests.
  • Patented Implanter for Precision: Our patented implanter ensures perfect angle, depth, and direction control. All the instruments are of highest quality and discarded after each procedure.
  • Optimal Graft Survival Rate: Our one-step implantation process minimizes graft handling due to which we achieve a graft survival rate of over 90%, surpassing the 50-60% range in other clinics.
  • No Pain, No Scarring, No Downtime: Experience a hassle-free procedure with no stitches, pain, scarring, or downtime. Return to work the next day, as attested by the Daily Mail UK, which labelled the DHI procedure as the “Lunch Hour Transplant” treatment.
  • High Density in One Session: Opt for DHI to achieve strong density in a single session, outperforming other low-density techniques like FUE and FUT.
  • Natural Results Guaranteed: DHI’s technique guarantees natural results – others will only know you had a transplant if you share.
  • Global Leadership in Hair Restoration: As the world’s most extensive hair restoration medical group, DHI has been at the forefront of research, innovation, and education in hair restoration for over 50 years. With 75 clinics across 45 countries and over 5,00,000 satisfied customers, DHI is the trusted choice of top celebrities in entertainment, sports, business, and politics.

India’s evolution as a hot spot for hair transplants is a multifaceted phenomenon driven by affordability, skilled medical practitioners, cutting-edge technology, robust medical tourism infrastructure, cultural diversity, safety standards, and global recognition. This collective appeal positions India as a destination where individuals can access world-class hair restoration services while experiencing the country’s rich cultural tapestry and hospitality. As the world continues to recognize India’s prowess in the field, the country solidifies its unassailable position as a leading hub for those seeking effective and transformative solutions to hair loss.

DHI Spokesperson said, “Hair transplant with the DHI Total Care System is a risk-free, minimally invasive procedure with guaranteed natural results. Direct Hair Implantation patients at DHI International claim to have the most natural-looking hair. However, there is a reason to be cautious of multiple clinics claiming to provide the DHI hair transplant. This specialised care is only available exclusively at licensed DHI clinics in India and globally.

DHI International is the pioneer of the DHI Total Care System, which is only available in the vast network of DHI-certified clinics. The DHI Total Care System is not available at any clinic not licensed by DHI Medical Group, and the list of these licensed clinics is available on the DHI International website.  Contact DHI hair transplant and restoration clinics for more details. Call 18001039300 and book your hair loss consultation at DHI clinics.

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