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Basketball legend, Steve Giatzoglou had a DHI hair transplant!

Steve Giatzoglou is a living legend of Greek basketball and he is considered to be one of the best players that have ever participated the Greek Basket League. During his longtime career, Steve has won many championships, cups and trophies with big clubs like Olympiakos, AEK and Aris and he has also been a member of the Greek National team. Known to the fans by the nickname “the lion” because of his long blonde hair, he has been a pro basketball coach and President of the Union of Greek Basketball Athletes.

Due to his hair loss problem, Steve Giatzoglou decided to get a DHI Hair Transplant and today, just 12 months after the procedure, his appearance is “fresher” than ever! “I feel like I am 20 years younger. I am happy that I chose to get the hair transplant in DHI. The final result is just amazing and I am very happy with it”.

During the procedure, the DHI Medical Team managed to transplant a total of 3.225 hair (1.435 Grafts). Congratulations Steve!

Before the DHI Hair Transplant




After the DHI Hair Transplant



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