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At DHI medical group, 35% of patients are repair cases. These people took hair transplant surgery from cheap clinics where quality and safety are compromised because technicians and nurses performed the hair transplant surgery. These are the reasons the hair transplant results are unsatisfactory; these patients need to repair their hair transplant procedure and visit DHI clinics across the globe.

When people consult at DHI Clinics for hair transplant treatment, the DHI team listens to the most common questions- are people who undergo hair transplants satisfied with their results? It is an essential question because no one wants to waste their time and money and be unsatisfied with the results. This blog will provide a clear answer to this question.

People facing hair loss and baldness for a long time are looking for permanent hair loss treatment and can choose the hair transplant procedure as their solution. Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure that focuses on restoring the hair growth of the person by implanting hair follicles into the bald area extracted from the donor area.

Can hair transplants offer satisfactory results?

Yes, a hair transplant can offer the most satisfactory and permanent results if a hair transplant procedure is performed by only a surgeon on the person from the advanced hair transplant technique under strict hygiene/safety protocols followed. Also, the experience and qualification of the surgeon play a significant role in it. If your surgeon is not experienced or trained, they can’t offer you satisfactory results. Also, the availability of the technology defines the better success rate of the surgery.

DHI medical group delivers permanent and promising results after every hair transplant surgery. Each DHI surgeon is highly qualified and experienced in the hair transplant industry. They all are trained and certified by London Hair Restoration Academy and can offer 100% natural results with maximum density.

DHI doctors follow the DHITM (Direct Hair Implantation) technique. The most advanced technique involves no pain, cuts, bruises, or scars. All the instruments used during the procedure are high quality, disposable, and single-use. It minimizes the chances of infection and increases the permanency of results.

The graft survival rate is defined as how much-implanted hair grows successfully in the transplanted area. A higher percentage is considered better. In some situations, the grafts resist themselves from growing optimally. It could be because the hair follicles were not extracted from the ideal donor side. On the other hand, the graft survival rate at DHI India is more than 90%, which is much higher than at other hair transplant clinics. Selecting the right clinic and technique for hair transplant can increase the graft survival success rate.

Parameters deciding the Success of Hair Transplant:

The success rate of the hair transplant is how satisfied the patient is after the surgery. It depends on many parameters:

  • Clinic infrastructure
  • End-to-end procedure performed by the surgeons; no nurses touch the patient’s scalp during surgery.
  • Experience and skills of the surgeons
  • The technology used during the surgery
  • Patient’s contribution in following the instructions
  • Patient’s realistic goal

Consider these parameters while researching when you want to undergo a hair transplant. It will help you make a better decision and ensure a success rate from the surgery.

How has DHI, the advanced hair transplant technique, transformed this industry?

According to a survey conducted by ISHRS, where they compared hair transplant results of people in the past three decades, the graft survival rate has drastically improved in the past five to ten years. In addition, people now get more options of techniques to choose from, like FUT, FUE, and DHITM.

The most advanced hair transplant technique, i.e., DHITM, has evolved into the entire hair transplant industry. Launched by DHI Global Medical Group in 2005, the DHI technique is only performed by MD dermatologists, or Cosmetic Surgeons trained and certified by London Hair Restoration Academy.

In this technique, the unique diagnostic system for Alopecia (UDSA) is conducted on the patient. A combination of actual tests helps DHI surgeons understand more about the patient. Based on the results, the DHI hair transplant is customized, and the number of grafts to be transplanted is decided. Then the hair follicles are extracted from the donor site with the help of a single-use Titanium coated tool. This tool has a 0.7mm diameter needle that assists the DHI surgeon during the extraction phase. Then the hair follicles are implanted directly in the suffering region with a DHI implanter. This tool fully controls depth, direction, and angle during this phase.

At DHI clinics, the DHI surgeons must follow the DHI Total Care system, a set of quality control protocols, during each hair restoration procedure. These protocols have been certified by the Care Quality Commission in UK-CQC and ISO. Each surgeon and employee of DHI undergoes comprehensive training on it. Only trained and certified surgeons under the Total Care System can perform the surgery.

DHI Medical Group monitors each surgeon and reviews the surgeries. As a result, it ensures DHI Clinics offers the best possible hair restoration treatment and achieve the highest client success rate globally.

About DHI Clinics:

DHI Clinics have a vast number of satisfied patients. With the high standard of services and strict safety protocols, DHI surgeons offer each patient the best hair transplant surgeries and satisfactory results. However, we understand that not every patient is the same, and they all have different requirements for the surgery. Therefore, DHI surgeons design a personalized hair transplant plan for every candidate based on their needs and medical history.

DHI Clinics maintains transparency throughout the process. You will get the same as what you guaranteed during the consultation. DHI doctors let the patient know the number of grafts required to offer the desired results in the initial stage. Also, the cost of the hair transplant is decided based on it. This way, the patient gets overall clarity about the hair transplant. DHI Global has helped more than 300,000 patients by offering excellent results.

DHI rarely gets any complaints. However, if any past patient contacts DHI with any query, our team works its best to solve it.

Many celebrities, sportspeople, and business tycoons have trusted DHI Global for getting a hair transplant. And we are delighted to present them with our world-class services and help them look the best. If you are also planning to get Hair Transplant, choose DHI. You can check the patient reviews on our website.

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