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5 Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Do you know that most of your hair’s behavior is determined by what you eat? Well, this is why relying only on shampoos for healthy hair doesn’t always yield results. You must eat right too.

However, differentiating between the right food and the wrong food can sometimes prove a mystery more difficult than the Da Vinci Codes. Here’s why we bring you a guide to smart food choices for healthy and shiny hair.

1. Salmon

DHI hair growth tips
All right! Apart from being lip smackingly delicious, salmon is also regarded as one of the best Spartan foods of all time. It is loaded with high quality protein, vitamin D, and, more importantly, omega-3. This healthy fatty acid nourishes your hair follicles and promotes hair growth as well.

So salmon is not only recommended to modern Spartans but also to beauties trying hard for lustrous locks. Mind it!

2. Walnuts

DHI hair growth tips

This wonder nut is a boon for hair care from nature.

Apart from omega 3, walnuts also pack a significant amount of vitamin E and biotin. Vitamin E protects your hair from sun damage while biotin prevents hair loss. And that’s not it. It’s got copper too, which slows down greying process of your hair.

So eating a handful of walnuts a day keeps ‘grey’ away!

3. Amla

hair growth tips amla

Regarded as one of the best antioxidants, Amla is your miracle fruit to keep all diseases at bay. Regular consumption of Amla improves immunity, gives you glowing skin, and promotes hair growth. This Indian gooseberry is a 5,000 years old Indian healing system, which also finds mention in our ancient Vedas.

Loaded with Vitamin C, Amla is an ideal natural hair-conditioner with anti-dandruff properties. It gives natural shine to your hair and nourishes hair from root to tip. Cut them into small pieces and add them to your fancy salads or have it with your colorful zero calorie smoothies daily.

4. Spinach

DHI hair growth tips

Do you remember what spinach does to Popeye the sailor? Well, that’s exactly what it does to your hair. According to a study, iron deficiency leads to hair loss in both men and women. Supplementing your diet with the spinach strengthens your hair and, thus, prevents hair fall. Spinach also contains sebum which acts as a natural conditioner for hair. That means eating spinach gives you both healthy and shiny hair.

5. Greek Yogurt

hair growth tips

Greek Yogurt contains hair-friendly protein. This wonder food is loaded with hair strengthening vitamins like vitamin B5 and vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for hair follicle cycling.

Have a bowl of yogurt with pomegranate seeds to boost your hair growth naturally.

Apart from eating right, a healthy hair care routine is also important for healthy hair. So make sure that you wash and groom your hair properly with the right hair care products.

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