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Is Hair Transplantation for Men Effective?

Is hair transplant for men is effective?

Men and hair have an untold bond. The silky cap of hair on the head boosts their confidence and self-esteem. And no one likes when they start losing hair and begin balding. 

At the initial stage, it won’t have been difficult for you to cover a hair thinning with a tweak in your hairstyle. But gradual and continuous loss of hair may leave your head entirely bald, before it happens it is high time you think about the solution unless you are okay with a bald head. 

One of the solutions is hair transplant However, there’s a prominent question that lingers over the topic: Is hair transplantation for men effective?

Let’s look into it briefly! 

Why does hair loss occur?

Hair loss is a gradual process that occurs when hair follicles shrink and eventually stop producing hair. You need to understand the real cause of hair loss, before getting into the treatment. There can be multiple reasons, from genetics to any severe medical conditions. Here are some common reasons behind hair loss:

1. Genetics: 

Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in men. Sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing causes this condition.

2. Age: 

As men age, their hair naturally becomes thinner and weaker and may eventually fall out. This is because the hair growth cycle slows down, and the hair follicles shrink.

3. Hormonal changes: 

An imbalance in hormones, such as an excess of androgens (male hormones) or a decrease in estrogen, can contribute to hair loss in men.

4. Medical conditions: 

Certain medical conditions or treatments, such as thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, can also cause hair loss in men.

5. Lifestyle factors:

A lifestyle with poor nutrition, stress, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption results in hair loss in men.

You can only control and prevent hair loss if it is because of your lifestyle, and that too if it is not too late. After that, hair transplantation is the best solution for hair loss. Let’s get to the main topic now–is it effective for men?

Is hair transplantation for men effective?

Hair transplantation treatment for men has been in the industry for many years. Here at DHI, we have helped men get their confidence and self-esteem back with hair transplantation. When we talk about the effectiveness of transplantation, you must understand the procedure of hair transplantation first. 

There are three types most popular of Hair Transplant techniques: DHITM – Direct Hair Implantation, FUE – Follicular unit extraction and FUT – Follicular unit transplantation.

What is Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)?

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation), also known as follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) is about removing hair from a donor site on the scalp and transplanting it into areas of the scalp that are bald or thinning. 

When you go for a FUT, the hair transplantation process will be:

  • The surgeon will first remove 6 to 10 inches of scalp strip from the donor area, usually, that is the back of the head.
  • Then, the area will be closed with stitches. 
  • After that, they will separate the scalp strip into smaller sizes with a scalpel. A single strip can produce up to 2000 smaller fragments, which are known as grafts. A single graft can contain from single to three hairs.
  • The surgeon will then make small holes in your scalp using a blade or needle and transplant the grafts.
  • The surgical site on your head will then be covered with gauze or bandages.

The FUT process has a high chance of leaving you with a straight-line scar on the back of your head, from where the strip was taken. And the healing process can be very long, lasting up to 2 weeks or more.

What is Follicular unit extraction (FUE)?

In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), hair follicles are extracted from a donor area on the scalp using a specialized tool and transplanted into bald or thinning areas of the scalp. Let’s understand the treatment better:

  • The surgeon will first extract the individual follicles from the scalp with the help of single-use specialized tools. 
  • Then, with the help of needles or blades, the doctor will make holes where the transplantation is needed.
  • After that, they will carefully place the grafts in the holes, which will be then covered with bandages or gauze. 

DHI’s Approach for Hair Transplantation in Men

DHITM – Direct Hair Implantation is the most advanced technique to date for Hair Transplant. In 2005, DHI introduced its own DHI technique™ after mastering FUE and FUT hair transplantation techniques. DHI uses the same technique as FUE, but its DHI-patented implanter makes it more effective and successful. A thorough scalp and hair scan is performed before tailoring a treatment plan specifically for you. In Direct Hair Implantation, the extracted hair follicles are implanted one by one with the help of DHI Implanter directly into the thinning area that needs to be covered. Each hair follicle is placed at a specific angle, depth, and direction, providing 100% natural results and maximum viability. The whole procedure is performed by surgeons trained and certified by the DHI Hair Restoration Academy of London, the one and only Academy in the world in hair restoration, and under strict DHI quality standardization protocols that we have set up to ensure great results every time.

The survival rate of grafts made with the DHI technique is more than 90%, whereas the industry standard is around 50%. 

The DHI’s procedure avoids the scars and makes the process painless and safe. The procedure of hair transplantation is performed by certified and trained surgeons only. Post-transplant you will recover in a day, unlike 2 to 3 days and more than two weeks with FUE and FUT, respectively.

Hence, is hair transplantation effective for men? – YES!

But only if you get it done at the right place with the right treatment and expert doctors available!

Results of Hair Transplantation for Men

There are 100% natural results of hair transplantation for men done with the DHI technique. The procedure is painless and none of our patients have found the treatment uncomfortable.  

The technique is developed keeping in mind the goal of giving natural-looking hair growth. Hence, each DHI hair transplant case is successful and our patients have got satisfactory results without any scars or fall out.

Cost of Hair Transplantation for Men

First of all, there is no specific cost for hair transplantation. The cost will differ from case to case and person to person. Several factors must be considered for the hair transplant cost, some of which include:

  • Type of hair (like texture, safety, hygiene, color, etc.)
  • Number of grafts needed to cover the bald area
  • Hair loss condition
  • Health condition (like any previous medical conditions) 

Consultation with an expert surgeon is necessary to determine the estimated cost of hair transplantation. You should also know that after-treatment medication will be required, which may also affect the cost of hair transplantation. You must visit a DHI clinic and consult the surgeon to get an idea of the cost.

The Final Say!

Getting a hair transplant is a big decision, but a worthy one! There are many hair transplant clinics in India, but DHI only has the trademark Direct Hair Implantation technique in the entire world. DHI gives 100% natural results that are painless and scar-free. 

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) has clinics at multiple locations in India. You can visit the clinic for a consultation and also opt for the video call consultation if the clinic is not nearby!  Now, forget worrying about whether a hair transplant for men is effective, take a quick decision, and connect with us for a hair transplant consultation.

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