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How Many Hair Can You Expect From 1 Graft?

how many hair in 1 graft blog

Are you turning to hair transplantation as nothing else worked for your hair loss issue? If so, it’s necessary to know the nitty-gritty of the hair transplantation procedure before you proceed. 

Hair grafting is the most prevalent technique of hair transplantation currently available. Most individuals who opt for hair transplantation don’t know the meaning of hair graft. Understanding the hair graft definition prior to a hair transplant is significant for having clarity about the process. In most hair transplants, patients are also keen on knowing ‘1 graft how many hairs and cannot find a proper answer to this question. 

In this blog, we will discuss how many hair strands a hair graft contains while elaborating on every aspect of hair grafts. 

What is a Hair Graft?

Hair graft’ is a pretty common term in hair transplant and it refers to tissues of skin that contain hair follicles or hair. In particular, hair grafts are extracted from different hairy regions of the body. 

However, the skin tissues of the occipital scalp region get an edge over the tissues of other hairy regions in terms of hair graft extraction. That’s because the hair of the rear scalp region tends to sustain longer than the hair of other regions of the body. The portion from where the graft-forming skin tissues get extracted is called the donor site. 

In hair transplantation, the hair-growing skin tissues get extracted from the donor site to complete the process. 

How Many Hair in 1 Graft?

Do you have an idea of how many hair strands are there on your head? Healthline suggests that approximately 100000 hair grows on an average person’s scalp and the amount may vary based on genetics and other lifestyle factors. In the same way, the number of hair strands in a graft depends on an individual’s genetics and hair density. 

Hair Transplant Follicular Unit Anatomy

If your hair growth rate or hair density is decent enough, there may be 3-4 hair strands in one hair graft on your posterior scalp. However, the average number of hair strands in a hair graft is usually 2. Some individuals who are not so blessed may have only one hair per graft as well. The fact of the matter is, there’s no definite answer to ‘1 graft how many hairs’ and the number varies from person to person. 

How Many Hair Grafts Does a Person Have For a Hair Transplant?

You may have come across phrases like ‘1000 grafts hair transplant’ or ‘8000 grafts hair transplant.’ But is there a specific count of how many grafts a person needs during a hair transplant session? The answer is no! 

This count relies on the bald area of an individual entirely. The wider the bald area is, the greater number of grafts will be needed during the transplant. 

Now, let’s come to the number of hair grafts an average person has in general. Several hair transplant organizations have reported that the number of hair grafts present in an average person’s donor area is nearly 5700-6000. This is the standard count, but it also differs based on an individual’s hair growth and genetics. 

How many grafts are needed for a full head of hair

In some patients, more than enough hair grafts are present in their donor areas. On the contrary, some patients lack sufficient numbers of grafts in their donor areas. If adequate numbers of hair grafts aren’t present in a particular donor area of your body, the transplant experts may consider extracting grafts from multiple donor areas. 

How Many Hair Grafts Can Be Transplanted In a Session?

The number of grafts implanted in a single session mainly depends on the expertise of the implant expert and the efficiency of the implant device. Keeping these two into consideration, you can expect to have anything between 500-6000 grafts implanted in a session. 

Also, the number of grafts implanted varies for different procedures. Experts estimate that around 4000 grafts can be implanted for the FUT process while the number goes down to 2000 if you’re going to FUE.

What is a Standard Hair Transplant Cost Per Graft?

The average hair transplant graft cost depends on which transplantation process you’re opting for. If you go for an FUE transplant, the price may range from INR 25 to INR 200 per graft. For a FUT transplant, the price ranges from INR 20 to INR 180 per graft. For DHI – Direct Hair Implantation technique which is a more sustainable and advanced hair transplant technique, costs will be up to INR 110 per hair. 

How DHI Technique is better than other hair transplant techniques?

Safety is the utmost concern during a hair transplant and DHI prioritizes that over anything else. The patented design of the DHI implanter is not only safe but also extremely efficient in terms of successful implants. 

The cutting-edge technology behind the advanced implanter ensures a 97% graft survival rate, which is almost double the industry average. Also, the angle and direction control features of the implanter make it even better because the implant expert gets a compact grip on the device during implantation. 

No other hair transplant clinic is there with a whopping customer satisfaction rate of 99%. Up to 7000 hairs can be implanted within a single session using the patented DHI technology. All these factors set us apart from our competitors. Take a look at how just one session has changed lives and created an impact.

Final Words

This blog precisely answers some of the most-asked questions about hair grafts like ‘1 graft how many hair’ or ‘hair transplant cost per graft.’ We covered everything related to hair graft transplantation and hopefully, we have educated our readers about the process. 

However, you must remember that the numbers mentioned in this blog are primarily average counts or prices and they vary based on your specific requirement. So, it’s ideal to contact a professional transplant expert or a dermatologist to get a proper insight into ‘1 graft how many hairs’ in your case. 

Also, never proceed with a hair transplant without a proper medical checkup to avoid unnecessary suffering. Contact the DHI team to get the best assistance related to a hair transplant. 

This content is written by DHI content team and medically reviewed by Dr. Deepak Choudhary a highly skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon. To learn more about Dr Deepak, visit his LinkedIn Profile.

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