How many hair is required for hair transplant - A brief guide from DHI

How Many Hair do I need?

The first step to finding out the correct number of hair that you, as an individual, will need for a hair transplant with the correct density and 100% natural results, is to have a consultation with a hair loss expert. During your consultation, your scalp and hair will be assessed. Those with thicker hair may…


Amazing Hair Transplant Results of a Celebrity Hair Stylist - DHI

Hair Transplant Results of a Celebrity Hair Stylist

A celebrity hair stylist recently visited DHI international clinic in June 2018, suffering from Grade 4 Androgenetic Alopecia, and he was enrolled for a DHI Giga session. He revealed that he had tried many treatments, home remedies, and ayurvedic/ homeopathic therapies but did not see any improvement.  He had come to DHI International clinic after…


DHI India vs Dr. Manoj Khana Enhance Clinics

Client’s Feedback on Her Experience at DHI

Email from our client comparing DHI with Enhance Clinics Email Text Dear Doctor Rashmi, The Experience I had in DHI Kolkata was awesome. As you know earlier I had undergone a strip surgery at Dr. Manoj Khanna’s place and was dissatisfied with the outcome. I am listing some comparisons between the plantations I had with…


Hair loss in women

Hair Loss in Women

Women are likely to be proactive in matters affecting their health, appearance and self-image. Good nutrition, regular exercise, regularly scheduled personal and professional physical examinations and knowledge of her own body are all part of a woman’s unwillingness to accept preventable or treatable shortcomings of health and appearance.