Is the gym making you bald?

Is the gym making you bald? Weight-lifting and protein shakes rich in growth hormones “speed-up hair-thinning process” Creatine and DHEA found in fitness shakes can raise testosterone levels This converts to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which attacks hair follicles The side-effect will only affect men predisposed to male pattern baldness Men who actively keep fit may be…

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Fortune Greece

George Kottaridis interview on

George Kottaridis, Head of Clinical Development at DHI London, Glasgow and Manchester speaks to about the company that revolutionized hair transplantation, giving thousands of people a beautiful appearance and confidence. The full article from is following. DHI: The Greek “revolution” in the field of hair restoration George Kottaridis talks about the company, the…

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DHI in famous German weekly Bunte Magazine

Article: HAIR FOR HAIR Recently, a new type of hair implantation caused a sensation: DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation. This year it was the main topic of conversation at IMCAS in Paris, one of the biggest congresses for Aesthetic Dermatology and Surgery. In Europe and India, this technology is booming for some time.Individual hairs with 0.7…

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