DHI Medical Group’s flagship training course offers training in its award winning Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique to dermatologists from all over the world. DHI is the most advanced technique for hair restoration. It is performed in three steps:

  • Extraction Phase: hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor site using patented tools with a diameter of 0.7mm. Strict DHI protocols are applied.
  • Placement Phase: hair follicles are then implanted directly to the affected area using a patented tool that gives surgeons control over depth, direction, and angle.
  • Natural Result Phase: Accurate depth, direction, and angle ensues 100% natural results.

There are two types of training programs—basic and advanced. For seven days in basic training program, trainee doctors receive hands-on experience. Advanced training program lasts for two months in which all medical practitioners get to learn about DHI’s signature techniques in detail and various other aspects.

The training takes place at its VIP clinic and DHI hair restoration training academy in one of the most vibrant heritage cities in the world—New Delhi. Our training is the most comprehensive training program that covers the following aspects:

  • Clinic Management
  • Marketing
  • Clinic Management
  • Medical
  • Training
  • Risk Management

DHI Medical Group has so far trained doctors from more than 15 countries. Doctors at DHI International Training Academy in New Delhi are trained by a team of experienced professionals under the supervision of Master MD surgeon Ajay Dubey.


Why Choose DHI Hair Transplant Training Program

DHI Academy
AcademyOnly hair transplant training academy in the world with well-defined training protocols and hair restoration practise on live patientsThere is no other hair transplant academy in the world. Other hair transplant training clinics give more importance  to theoretical aspects than practical aspects
Practical ExposureObservation of live hair restoration sessions performed by Master MD surgeons.


Practise is done on live patients

Observation of hair restoration sessions are limited. If there are any, they are done on dummies or cadavers.
ExperienceDHI has trained more than 150 doctors from 35+ countriesOther clinics don’t have information about this.


TechniqueDHITM Technique. The world’s most advanced technique.FUE/FUT
KnowledgeComprehensive training on the Anatomy of hair, alopecia diagnosis, medical procedures for different stages of hair loss, design and density for 100% natural resultsBasic training about hair loss and the hair transplant techniques
TrainersTraining given under the supervision of master MD surgeons who have performed 1000+Other clinics don’t talk much about the experience of their trainers. In most cases, the trainers are trainees themselves.

DHI offers Two Training Programs:

  • Basic Training — 7 Days
  • Advanced Training—2 Months

DHI’s Hair Transplant Training Program Includes:

    • Onsite training for doctors at the DHI International Academy in New Delhi
    • Introduction to DHI: History, Present, and Future
    • Introduction to Total Care System, and DHI techniques & Services
    • Elements of Marketing
    • Media Planning & Endorsements
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Call Handling
    • DSA: Pre Work, Psychological, Dermatological & Mathematical Aspects
    • Formation of Treatment Plan
    • Mock/Live Consultations
    • Diagnosis & Alopecia Test
    • Introduction to the Power of Follow Ups
    • Clinic Management
    • Lead Analysis
    • Reporting: Business & Medical KPIS
    • Open Discussion
    • Evaluation & Certification
    • Training of extraction of grafts
    • Complete assistance for 2 months.

For more details, give us a call at 1800 103 9300 or mail at training@dhiinternational.com

Only qualified dermatologists (MD, DNB, DVL) and Plastic surgeons (MCH, DNB) can apply for DHI Hair Transplant Training Programs.

For more details, give us a call at 1800 103 9300 or mail at training@dhiinternational.com


Two Month DHI Hair Transplant Training Program Outline:

1. Live Consultation Observation
2. Live Session Observation
3. Discussion: Introduction to hair loss industry, DHI history, and DHI innovation.
4. Introduction to hair transplant basics
5. Discussion: DHI Principles and Objectives.
6. Introduction to DHI’s Total Care System

  • All aspects of TCS
  • Components of TCS

7. Introduction to DHI Technique

  • DHI v/s FUE
  • DHI v/s FUT
  • Live Consultation Observation

8. Understanding DHI Services in detail

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)Therapy detailed introduction; Do’s and Don’t
  • Micro-Pigmentation (MPG) detailed introduction; Dos and Don’ts
  • Direct Hair Fusion (DHI ) detailed introduction; Dos and Don’ts
  • Photo Protocol

9. Introduction to Consultation Process

  • Discussion of 7 steps of a successful consultation
  • TCC”S role in Consultation
  • Importance of understanding impact of hair loss on client

10. Introduction to Hair System

  • Detailed study of hair systems
  • Teaching how to use them
  • DSA – Steps of UDSA
  • Types of treatment offered
  • Skill Gate
  • PRP theory and practical session
  • Live consultation observation
  • Preparation for VIVA for certification

11. Live Session, Consultation Observation & PRP Practice Session; Preparation of VIVA for Certification

12. Live & Mock Consultation

13. Preparation of VIVA for Certification

Note: DHI Team will help you find accommodation
A Training certificate will be provided by DHI.

For any queries and doubts, you can drop us the message at training@dhiinternational.com

Our team will revert at the earliest.

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